Money Order Deposit Form Instructions

Money Order Deposit Form
Notice: All money orders must be issued in US Funds.
• Type or write in black or blue ink only.
• Write clearly to avoid delays in processing your transaction.
• Verify that the inmate name and ID are entered correctly on the money order deposit slip.
o not include any letters or notes with your payment because these will be discarded.
etach the deposit slip, the lower portion, at the the dotted line and mail with your money order.
• Mail deposit slip and money order to: JPay, P.O. Box 277810, MIRAMAR, FL 33027.
• F or additional information call 1 (866) 333-5729.
o not send money orders valued over $200.00. If you wish to send a money order of more than $200.00, you must get prior
approval from the institution where the inmate resides. Contact the institution for more information.
• P lease do not photocopy deposit slip as copies may not be legible (or accepted)
• You must be on the inmate’s approved or tentatively-approved visiting list to send a money order. If you are not an approved
visitor, you can fill out an application at and submit it to the facility where the inmate is housed. The
approval process may take 30 – 60 days, and you must receive the inmate’s authorization.
• A $1.50 service fee will be deducted from the total value of any money order before it is posted to the inmate’s account.
• You must send a photocopy of your state issued ID (e.g., Driver’s License, Military ID or Passport) with every money order. The
name and date of birth on the ID, Money Order, and official ODRC visiting list must all match.
Notice: For full Terms and Conditions please visit for full disclosure. It is not necessary for you to set up an account with www.JPay.
com before sending a money order to your inmate.
Money order deposit slip MUST BE INCLUDED with money order to process funds and avoid delay.
Type your information into the form below, then print and send in with your money order
Money Order Deposit Slip
Mail to: JPay, P.O. Box 277810, Miramar, FL 33027
Inmate’s Full Name
Inmate’s State
Enter Correct Pre-fix
A, W, or R
Enter offender’s 6 digit number
Sender’s Address Amount of Money (do not exceed $200.00)
Inmate’s ID
City __________________________________
State ________________ Zip _____________
Sender’s First Name
Sender’s Last Name
Sender’s phone number