SIMHAT TORAH Simhat Torah Service and Children’s Torah Parade

Simhat Torah Service and Children’s Torah Parade
Thursday October 16, 2014
5:30pm: Snacks and Torah craft for kids in the lobby
6:00pm: Holiday service and Torah parade
7:30pm: Simhat Torah Dinner
Join the Dorshei Emet community in celebrating Simhat Torah, the holiday of the Torah! Children are invited to see the
Torah up close and to parade with the Torah around the synagogue. Bring rattles, bells, cymbals, and other percussive
instruments for a rollicking good time.
Hakkafot: 6:00pm / Dinner: 7:30pm
Join us for a celebratory dinner, the Se’udat Siyyum, as we show our appreciation to worthy members of our community by honouring
them as Hatan Torah and Kallat Bereishit. The Siyyum Dinner in their honour is being chaired by Peggi Cohen and Donnie Frank.
Irv Perlman - Hatan Torah
Sharron Schwartz - Kallat Bereishit
Irv and Terrye Perlman immigrated to
Montreal with their infant daughter Randi
in September 1970. A few years later their
younger daughter Kori was born. Irv worked
at a variety of positions at both the YMYWHA of Montreal and Jewish Family
Services Social Service Center.
His first association with Congregation Dorshei Emet was
attending High Holiday services under its then Open Door policy.
A few years later as he and Terrye were assessing synagogue
options, they chose Dorshei Emet and its new young Rabbi. The
decision was based on its liberal orientation.
Irv’s first involvement in Dorshei Emet’s social action was in the
project chaired by Terrye to settle the Vietnamese Family Tran in
Montreal. Irv was invited to serve on the shul Board of Directors
in several positions including President.
Irv’s involvement in voluntary service started when he was a
Boy Scout in Temple Beth-El’s (Utica, NY) Troop 10. He has
served as President of GrowWest, an organization providing low
cost housing loans to low income families, the Mohawk Valley
Bicycling Association and the Utica Chapter of the Congress of
Racial Equality.
After managing a family business in the States for 21 years, he
returned to active shul life recently and is a ‘regular’ at Shabbat
Services and other shul activities. He has shared responsibility for
organizing minyans, and the volunteer schedule of Baal Tifilot
during Rabbi Ron’s sabbatical. Irv served as the chair of the
reestablished Social Action (Tikkun Olam Committee).
If there was an award for those who
made the most extensive contribution
to shul life, Sharron would have been
the stand-out candidate, since from
the beginning, Sharron threw herself
into shul activities, bringing her grace,
intellect and humour to numerous
committees and as President.
Sharron’s friends would wait patiently at kiddush, holding a
spot for her at their table, but Sharron would take this time to
listen to each congregant who wanted to talk to her, whether
to praise, vent or ask her where she bought her shoes! During Sharron’s term as president, she brought her
sweetness, kindness, and her singular talent to the bimah,
always taking a moment to make each b’nai mitzvah feel
relaxed, before they gave their speech. Sharron realized the
impact of these moments, since both of Sharron’s children,
Benjamin and Annie had their b’nai mitzvahs at the shul.
Perhaps Sharron’s greatest and proudest moments was being
the shul liason to the scribe for Torat Imeinu. Sharron felt
that this innovative and important mission reflected Dorshei
Emet’s values and created an important legacy.
While many presidents take a well-deserved break when their
term is over, Sharron has continued to participate, and advise
committees. Sharron continues to attend board meetings, and
serves an invaluable role as the ‘memory’ of the shul. It is with great pleasure that the Dorshei Emet community
celebrates Sharron and her ongoing contribution to shul life.
We look forward to celebrating with you. Please contact the office by October 8
to make your reservations for the Siyyum Dinner. Tickets are $36.00 per person
and reservations are required (514) 486-9400.
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