Types of Waves and Wave Characteristics Review

Types of Waves and Wave
. Which of the following is not a type of
electromagnetic wave?
A. sound
B. red light
C. gamma radiation
D. radio waves
The material that a wave travels through is
called the
A. amplitude
B. medium
C. rarefaction
D. compression
As the frequency of a spring wave is increased,
the _____________
A. velocity decreases
B. velocity increases
C. wavelength decreases
D. wavelength increases
As you produce a wave on a spring, which of the
following quantities are you NOT able to
A. amplitude
B. frequency
C. velocity
D. wavelength
All waves except ______ waves must travel
through a medium.
By counting the number of crests that pass in a
given amount of time, a person can calculate the
A. wavelength
B. amplitude
C. velocity
D. frequency
When the particles of the medium are displaced
parallel to the direction of the propagation of
the wave, it is called a ___________.
a.Water wave
b. Ultrasonic wave
c. Transverse wave
d.Longitudinal wave
• Which of the following is the definition of
• The maximum displacement from the rest
• The total distance traveled by the wave in one full
• The energy reflected by a fixed medium.
• The lowest frequency that produces a standing
What is a transverse wave?
a. The rate with which the amplitude of the wave
b. The disturbance of the particles is in the same
direction as the movement of the wave.
c. A wave of alternating lower and higher pressure.
d. The particles of the medium that are displaced
perpendicular to the direction of the wave.
Sound waves are ___________ waves.
A. Transverse
B. ocean
C. salt
D. longitudinal
Sound waves from a radio generally travel in
which medium?
a. air
b. earth
c. light
d. solid
. If a transverse wave is moving from right to
left, the individual particles in the medium are
a. right to left.
b. left to right.
c. up and down.
d. None of the above
Waves are often caused by
a. potential energy.
b. mechanical energy.
c. colliding objects.
d. vibrating objects.
If the speed of a wave is 16 m/s and the
wavelength is 4m, what is the frequency of the
a. 16 Hz
b.16 m/s
c. 4 m/s
d.4 Hz
A ripple tank is a shallow container of water used to
demonstrate the properties of a wave. Giselle tossed a
pebble into the tank and counted the wave crests as they
passed by a certain point. She counted 10 waves in 20
seconds. Calculate the frequency of the wave in Hertz.
a. .5 Hz
b. .5 m/s
c. 200 Hz
d. 200 m/s
A girl sitting on a beach counts 6 waves pass a
buoy in 3 seconds. She measured the distance
between the waves to be 1.5m. What is the
speed of the waves the girl observed?
a. 1.3 m/s
b.3 m/s
c. 1.3 m
d.3 m
If the wavelength of wave equals 5 and the
frequency is 14, what is the velocity?
a. 11
c. 70