Multichannel e-commerce today and beyond Corey Gale Microsoft Commerce Server Product Group

Multichannel e-commerce
today and beyond
Corey Gale
Microsoft Commerce Server Product Group
Key Take Aways
Understand the key business drivers for Multichannel
Peer in to the future of multichannel e-commerce
The most important factors to consider in the choice
of an e-commerce solution
Birth of e-commerce
e-commerce milestones
August 11, 1994
Arguably the first e-commerce transaction. NetMarket sells a copy
of Sting’s “Ten Summoner’s Tales” for $12.48
August 22, 1994
PizzaHut launches a test version of “PizzaNet”, initially only available
to residents to Santa Cruz, California
December 15, 1994
Netscape Communications launches its first commercial browser,
Microsoft adds secure sockets layer protocol to its fledgling Internet
July 16, 1995 starts selling books online – operating from a two
bedroom house
Online retail today and future
• U.S. Census Bureau estimates that the rate of e-commerce
sales growth will be 17% in 2008
• report that online retail will be worth
$204 billion in 2008.
• European research projects 18.8% of retail turnover would
result from Internet sales by 2012-15.
Trends: Socio-economics
• Abundance & the commoditization of goods
• U.S. has more cars than licensed drivers.
• Self-Storage is a $20billion annual industry in the U.S.
• Disposability
“The United States spends more on trash bags
than ninety other countries spend on everything”
What it means...
Trends: Evolution of the Consumer
• Appreciation of design
• Demand for better experience
• Infolust trend, near perfect information
Growth of social networking
Trends: Technology
What is next generation
An online shopping experience that attracts,
engages and excites customers by offering
personalized content, social community and rich
user experiences via a number of devices and
What it looks like...
What it looks like...
Multiple ways to reach customers
Brick and mortar
Desktop (Vista gadgets)
Web front
Call centers
Ad platforms
Virtual Worlds
Social networking sites
Direct Mail
First generation problems
Next generation problems
Multi-channel e-commerce platform
Microsoft is #1 e-commerce platform
6000 unique customers
worldwide, largest customer
install base and growing
#1 in Market Share for
Packaged e-commerce
#1 Technology Platform for ecommerce solutions and site
Significant, long-term
investment commitment
Commerce Server 2007
Multi-channel support
High extensibility and easy
High availability and
Core e-commerce
Core Functionality: Merchandiser
Multiple product
• Cross sell, up-sell, sets,
bundles, gift with
purchase, …
Base catalogs with product
Multiple payment support
Multiple baskets for
Inventory searching
Back-ordering and out-ofstock item support
Core Functionality: Marketer
Customer-specific, brandspecific campaign
Personalized buying via
Coupon generation and
Discounts, Ads, Direct Mail:
Scheduling and Approval
Core Functionality:
Customer Service Manager
Single view of customer
Secure reviewing of
customers and orders
Search and update
Profile data source
Flexible customer and
order schema
Core Functionality: Business Manager
35 out of the box reports
• Advertising
• Diagnostic
• Product Sales
• Query String
• User Reports
• Visit Reports
• Web Usage
Core Functionality: Site Designer
ASP.NET 2.0 and Master Pages
• Enable visual inheritance in Web Pages.
• Streamline the design process using visual themes
• Easy-to-create Web site skins
• Localization
• Creation of mobile sites.
Next generation web technologies-ready
• ASP.NET 3.5 with full AJAX support
• Build Silverlight user experiences easily on top of Commerce
Core Functionality: IT Pro
Commerce Server Staging is fully configurable, has a robust, extensible event model,
MMC, command-line, scripting support, and public APIs for IT Pros.
Microsoft Management Console – fully integrates Commerce Server with other
Microsoft Windows Server System™ products and provides easy, centralized
Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 Management Pack (now System Center
Server) delivers enterprise-class operations management that incorporates years of
administrative experience in the form of management rules and real-time monitoring.
Security features include Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support and profile data
encryption for improved protection of passwords, credit card numbers, and other
data. The new Security Configuration Wizard helps you better secure your
deployment of Commerce Server.
64-bit support and Windows Server 2008 enables you to take advantage of the latest
hardware and software to achieve unprecedented levels of performance and
Core Functionality: Developer
BizTalk 2006 Adapters –– bidirectional synchronization and orchestration of Order,
Catalog, Inventory, and Profile objects. BizTalk orchestrations define business
processes that run cross multiple systems.
.NET framework – All Commerce Server systems are exposed through the Microsoft
.NET API and Web services. The .NET API allows for seamless integration into ASP.NET
applications, and its advanced features greatly simplify development.
VS.NET Developer Experience – Commerce Server 2007 fully integrates with
development environments through Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Integration with
Visual Studio 2005 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (including ASP.NET) reduces
the coding needed to customize commerce solutions for your organization.
Services-oriented architecture (SOA)
• Complete Web service support for principal CS subsystems
• Windows Authorization-enabled security
• Agent APIs for abstraction, easy programming
CS2007: The Starter Site
Thoroughly tested for security
and performance
Out of the box profile and
catalog templates
Multiple language and
currency support
Blueprint with prescriptive
guidance allowing for easier
development of custom sites
What is “Mojave”?
Microsoft Commerce Server Code Name “Mojave”
delivers the ability to increase your business reach by
selling through multiple channels through a new default
out-of-the-box shopping site based on ASP.NET 2.0 Web
Parts deployed in SharePoint and other SharePoint
commerce services, and a compelling new multi-channel
commerce foundation API, with a new unified run-time
calling model, new extensibility points and new built-in
Commerce Server “Mojave” Themes
Multi-channel is here now
• Out of the box integrated consumer centric multi-channel
capabilities over multiple mediums, brands, and locales
• 3 out-of-the-box channels ready to go: Web, Mobile, Live
• New channels require configuration and not customization
Out-of-the-box shopping
• Out of the box ASP.NET web part shopping site
• Web 2.0 social networking paradigms via SharePoint and Live
• E-commerce web features easily added by business users,
skin-able by designers (Expression), extendable by developers
(Visual Studio)
Tools to empower Merchandisers
and Marketers
• Inline WYSIWYG product information and presentation editing
and preview
• Content management capabilities: workflow, approval, and
• Familiar Office-like environment minimizing learning curve
“Mojave” Business Value Additions
Increase reach through
multiple channels
Engage and interact with
your Customers
with pervasive channel
awareness throughout
with centralized site and
brand management
with built-in customer
feedback features
Empower Marketers to
manage the
Quick, efficient product
information updates for
with point-and-click per
page templates
with in-site product
information editing
Get online quickly with a
contemporary out-ofbox site
and skin it quickly with
different professional
“Mojave” Technical Value Additions
Additional out of the box
e-commerce features,
reducing custom
such as Lists and Reviews
Design and Integration
with new, multiple extension and
integration points
Leverage other
Microsoft investments
with seamless integration with
SharePoint, BizTalk
Long-term supportability
with a new foundation API and
web parts, using the latest
Multi-Channel Is Here Now
Out-of-the-Box E-Commerce Shopping Experiences
Tools to Empower Merchandisers and Marketers
Unified Multi-Channel
Foundation API with
built-in Shopping
Next generation Commerce
Server foundation API
Unified pattern for calls
Multi-channel aware
Out-of-the-box shopping
Side-by-side CS2007
ASP.NET Web Part
Production-ready Shopping
Site with SharePoint
commerce services
Out-of-the-box customizable
shopping experience based on
ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts
Presentation preview, approvals,
and publishing with SharePoint
Centralized Site and
Next generation WYSIWYG
business user experience
Information preview,
approvals, publishing, with
Important factors to consider...
• Multi-channel support
 Enable your business to sell any type of products across multiple
mediums, brands and locales.
 Reach more customers, on the device of their choice, with the
product and brand of your choice.
• Flexibility to design your solution the way that best suits
your business
 Tie into your legacy systems
 Extend and integrate into various 3rd party products
• Assurance that your application is ready for anything
 High availability and performance
• Empowerment for all users (developers, IT pros, designers,
marketing managers, merchandisers, and customer service
Technology Stack for e-commerce
Audience Reach
Design and Development
Analytics / Decisions
Contact details:
Corey Gale
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