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Flu & Pneumonia Jabs
Spring 2009
Pneumonia - Don’t Delay, Vaccinate Today
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Extended Hours
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Patient Care Messaging
Blood Tests
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Prescription Review
FREE Cancer Treatment
Pneumonia is the fourth
biggest killer in the UK
affecting 11 in every 1000
adults. It is more common
in the Winter months.
Symptoms can vary but commonly
- Cough with phlegm (thick mucus)
- Wheeze
- Rapid heartbeat
- Temperature
- Generally feeling unwell
- Sweating & shivering
- Pain in chest
- Loss of appetite
The elderly are likely to show fewer
symptoms and will not always have a
The best way to prevent pneumonia is
by the vaccination of those people in
higher risk groups:
- Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine for
the under 2’s as part of their
immunisation programme.
- Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine
for over 65’s as a one off injection.
If you haven’t had your pneumonia jab
book one today!
Cervical Screening
Ear Wax
Smoking Cessation
Warts & Verrucae
Medical Records
Over the Counter Remedies
Patient Forum
This years flu vaccination programme has
gone really well. We have administered over
4,600 flu jabs since September 2008. The
2009 programme will start in October so if you are in an ‘at risk’ group make a
date in your diary to contact the surgery for your jab.
Flu Vaccinations
BSF Bike Ride
Dr Blake was one of 21 cyclists to take part in
a 300 mile London to Paris charity bike ride in
aid of the British Skin Foundation (BSF). He
raised a massive £5,500.
The route took him through the pretty Kent
countryside, medieval market towns of
northern France together with the famous
Somme and Agincourt battlefields, finishing at
the Eiffel Tower. Dr Blake described his
achievement as ‘an experience of a lifetime’.
He is already looking forward to taking part in
another ride.
Many thanks to everyone who took the time
to sponsor such a good cause. If you would
like any information on other BSF events you
can visit their website at,
For further information on what’s happening at the Medical Centre why not visit our
website at
New Community Matron
Extended hours
We now have a new
Community Matron Jill Reeve.
Jill was previously
working as a District
Nurse in Leicester.
Jill’s role is to improve
the quality of
homecare for those
suffering chronic illnesses and in doing so reduce
the need for patients to be admitted to hospital.
Our extended hours service is proving very popular
particularly with many of our patients who have to
commute and those who find it difficult to get time off
work during standard surgery hours.
We have two Doctors working on Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday evenings together with alternate Saturday
mornings. These appointments are pre-bookable only.
Evening appointments are from 6.30pm - 8.00pm
Saturday appointments are from 8.00am - 11.00am
If you have registered with our on-line booking service
these appointments can also be booked on-line.
New Registrations
Please allow a minimum of two weeks for your registration to be fully processed. To register you will need your
Medical Card or a GMS1 form (the GMS1 form can be collected from the surgery or downloaded from our website at, You will also be asked to complete a New Patient Questionnaire
(this can also be collected from the surgery or downloaded from our website) and provide proof of address and
On-Line Scripts & Appointments Patient Care Messaging
Don’t forget you can now book
appointments and do your repeat
prescriptions on-line. No more queuing or
waiting on the phone. All you have to do is
come down to the surgery to get registered
on the system. You will be given the log-in
information and off you go. Appointments and prescriptions
can be done via our website at,
We are introducing a Patient Care Messaging
(PCM) service. This is a text messaging service
which allows us to send you appointment
reminders to help reduce the ‘Did Not Attend’
rate. We will also use the service to send you
information about related health promotions.
All we need from you is your mobile number
which will be recorded on your registration
details when you next contact the surgery.
FREE Chlamydia Screening
If you are under the age of 25 and sexually active you can be checked for Chlamydia and treated free of charge.
It is very important to treat the infection. Although initially most people show no symptoms, over time it can cause
more serious and permanent problems.
The test is simple:
Pick up a sample pack and information leaflet which are found in the foyer of the surgery.
Fill in the form, pee in the pot, pop it in the basket adjacent to the nurses rooms.
Results can be given to you by, text, phone, email or letter, whichever you prefer.
This test is only for Chlamydia. If you think you may have any other sexually transmitted diseases you need to speak
to the Nurse or Doctor.
For further information on what’s happening at the Medical Centre why not visit our
website at
Blood Testing Facilities
Private Services
There are open access blood clinics during week days at:
Leicester General Hospital from 8.30am-5.00pm
Kettering General Hospital from 8.30am-4.30pm
Corby Diagnostic Centre from 8.30am-3.30pm
Please note that some certificates, forms and
insurance claims are private which are not paid for
by the NHS. They are a private arrangement
between you and your GP. When handing in these
forms please allow a minimum of two weeks for
completion. A copy of our fee charges can be
found on our website at,
or please ask to see a copy.
Just turn up with your form and they will take your blood.
Annual Prescription Review
All patients who have any prescribed medicines on
repeat prescription need to have an annual prescription
review (this includes those patients under the care
of a Consultant). The date of the annual prescription
review is on the bottom of your repeat prescription. This
review will usually be carried out by a nurse in your birth
month. Some patients will require blood and/or urine
tests prior to their annual prescription review
FREE Cancer Treatment
The Government has announced as of 1st April
2009 cancer patients will be exempt from
prescription charges in respect to all approved
prescription items. Exemption certificates can be
supplied by the Medical Centre and will last for 5
Please ask for a form at the Reception or
Dispensary desk.
The Practice has travel clinics running every week. Please remember to book into one of our clinics well
in advance of your date of travel. Patients are advised to check out our website at, (see Travel Vaccinations on the Home Page), prior
to booking your appointment in order to establish what injections you may require. There is a full price
list on the website for those injections that do not come under the NHS. You will find that we also hold a
range of competitively priced ‘travel medicine packs’ in our Dispensary.
The Practice is also able to administer the Yellow Fever vaccination.
Payment must be made on the day of your appointment and prior to treatment. Payment is by cheque
or cash only. We do not process credit/debit cards due to the high charges levied by the banks.
Don’t Miss Your Routine Cervical Screening
There has recently been an increased awareness of the
importance of attending for your routine smear test. You
are eligible for a free cervical screening test if you are
aged between 25 and 64:
Frequency of Screening
First invitation
25 - 49
3 yearly
50 - 64
5 yearly
Only screen those patients who have not
been screened since age 50 or have had
recent abnormal tests
We realise some women under the age of 25 who
are not currently routinely screened may be
worried. The possibility of developing cervical
cancer under the age of 25 is very low. Although
we cannot offer routine smears to the under 25’s
any woman under 25 who is concerned about her
risk of developing cervical cancer can have a
smear carried out privately at one of the local
private hospitals and should speak to their GP.
If you require more information you can visit the
National Screening Website at,
Or contact the National Screening Office on
0114 271 1060
For further information on what’s happening at the Medical Centre why not visit our
website at
67 Coventry Road
Market Harborough
LE16 9BX
Phone: 01858 464242
What is ear wax?
Ear wax forms a protective coating of the skin in the ear
canal. Small amounts are made all the time. Flakes or
crusts of wax break off and fall out of the ear from time
to time.
The quantity of ear wax made varies greatly from person
to person. Plugs of wax form in some people. This may
Ear wax
cause a feeling of fullness and dulled hearing. A plug of
wax is not a serious problem but more of a nuisance. You only need to remove wax if it
is causing symptoms such as dulled hearing or discomfort.
Note: do not try to clean the ear canal with cotton wool buds, etc. This can make things
worse as you will push some wax deeper inside. It may also cause an ear infection. Let
the ear ‘clean itself’.
What can I do if wax builds up and causes problems?
Ear Drops
Ear drops alone will often clear a plug of wax. You can buy drops from pharmacies. For
example, sodium bicarbonate, almond oil or olive oil ear drops. It is advisable to treat
one ear at a time. Warm the drops to room temperature before using them (let the bottle
stand in the room for about half an hour.) Pour a few drops into the affected ear. Lie
with the affected ear uppermost when putting in drops. Stay like this for 2-3 minutes to
allow the drops to soak into the wax. The wax is softened and it often breaks up if you
put drops in 3-4 times a day for about 14 days. Do not put cotton wool in the ear after
using drops. Flakes or crusts of wax usually fall out bit by bit.
Ear syringing is rarely needed and can be damaging to the ear.
Smoking Cessation
Are you keen to give up smoking?
It has been shown that you are more likely to give
up smoking if you attend a Smoking Cessation
Clinic. Maureen Anderson runs a Smoking
Cessation Clinic every Tuesday afternoon at the
surgery together with Saturday mornings between
10 and 12 at the Council Offices. There are no
clinics on a Saturday before a Bank Holiday.
We offer Smoking Cessation Clinics here at the
Surgery run by the Practice Nurses. Please contact
Reception for an appointment.
Copies of Medical Records
Copies of medical test results incur a fee. Please write
to the Practice Manager giving a few days notice for any
Treatment of Warts &
Warts and verrucas are a common skin condition. They
are harmless and usually get better on their own if you
give them time. This may take a year or two in some
We are more than happy to see you about a skin lesion
that you are not sure is a wart or a verruca. However,
if we identify the lesion as a wart or verruca, we will ask
you to either just leave it alone and let it clear up by
itself or to use over the counter treatments such as acid
based treatments e.g. ‘Bazuka that Verruca’ or newer
aerosol treatments that freeze the wart.
Patient Forum
Over the Counter Remedies
Available from our Pharmacy for anyone to buy are a
variety of ‘over the counter’ remedies including child
and adult analgesics, ear drops, decongestants and
pregnancy tests.
There will be a Patient Forum taking place in May. If
anybody is interested in taking part or has any
suggestions please write to the Administration Manager
at the above address. Alternatively please visit our
website at, and
click on the suggestion box.
For further information on what’s happening at the Medical Centre why not visit our
website at