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Oilfield Chemical
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Report Description
The increasing population have augmented the energy requirements of the country. In order
to cope with energy demands more Oil and Gas E&P initiatives are being taken to cover the
household and industrial energy requirement. With the products of oil industries & Gas
manufacturing process fuelling various different industries from chemical to cosmetic hence
it is necessary to use ensure that only quality product with minimum wastage is available . In
order to ensure easy extraction, production a rich and refined product we use oilfield
chemicals. With the use of Oilfields chemicals ensure an increase in efficiency oilfield
activities such as drilling, completion, production, cementing and enhanced oil recovery
(EOR). The Specialty oilfield chemicals impart unique attributes and functionality to the crude
product to enhance their recovery of hydrocarbons from the well. Various categories of
specialty oilfield chemicals include corrosion inhibitors, emulsion breakers (demulsifiers),
surfactants and advanced polymers. Emulsion breakers are used to separate oil and water
from crude oil water emulsions and corrosion inhibitors are those chemicals that inhibit
corrosion of mild steel equipments in any aqueous medium. Hence, such agent help in
increasing the export value of the crude oil thus are essential for use of the Oil and Gas
Oilfield Chemical Market: Drivers & Restraints
To meet the ever increasing demands of energy more Onshore and offshore exploration
initiatives are being taken therefore driving the market for oilfield chemicals The increase
drilling activity and use of technologies such as hydraulic fracturing and enhanced oil
recovery (EOR) boost the demand of oilfield chemicals on global basis to ensure efficient oil
and gas recovery. The development in the Oil and Gas industry will directly affect the oilfield
Report Description
chemical market. In order to get premium crude oil with high hydrocarbon content the usage
of EOR chemicals is also increasing. These efforts will boost demand for EOR chemicals and
of stimulation fluids. Crude oil price volatility could prove as a restrain to the market of
Oilfield chemicals over the forecast period. With developing fields of unconventional energy
sources the over dependence on hydrocarbons is decreasing and hence the research for
environment friendly and biodegradable oilfield chemicals provide promising opportunities
in the market for industry participants.
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Oilfield Chemical Market: Segmentation
The Oilfield chemicals can be segmented on the basis of its function as:
•Drilling Fluids
•Water-Based Muds
•Oil-Based Muds
•Synthetic-Based Muds
•Work over and Completion Fluids
•Cementing Chemicals
•Stimulation Chemicals
Report Description
Oilfield Chemical are segmented on the basis of Enhanced Oil Recovery Chemicals as:
•Alkali Surfactant Polymer Flooding
•Low-Salinity Water Injection
•Water Shut-Off Chemicals
•Carbon Dioxide Flooding
•Microbial IOR
Oilfield Chemical Market: Regional Outlook
The Middle East being one of the largest markets for crude oil applications such as oil-based
power plants, petro refineries, and sludge oil treatment and with the discoveries of more
fields in different regions will be one of the strongest and largest market for oilfield chemical
and will project greatest growth potential over the forecast years. The growth potential for
the regions of Russia will prove to be strong and positive reinforcement for the oilfield
market. The shale gas production in U.S. is expected to provide a boost to the Oilfield
chemical market. Growth in Latin America, particularly in Brazil and Venezuela, has been
significant but could be influenced by the political instability. In Asia Pacific, the emerging
economies of China and India are said to one of the most promising market for oilfield
chemicals with increase in oil extraction activities.
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Report Description
Oilfield Chemical Market: Key players
Some of the key players in the Oilfield chemical market are Schlumberger, Stephan Company
BASF SE, Dow Chemicals Co., The Lubrizol Corporation, Azko Nobel N.V.
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