HP ZBook x2 workstation: A beastly power in a thin package

HP ZBook x2 Workstation: A Beastly
Power In A Thin Package
Technology is evolving in a pace that will even give the Flash a run of his money. This advancement is
noticed by HP Inc. It is this attention to technical development that they paved the way for their recent
reveal of the powerhouse known only as the HP ZBook x2 WorkStation. This machine is beastly, it is thin
and unsurprisingly, it is also detachable. Revealed at the Adobe MAX conference, this monster functions
in not one, not two, but four different modes:
Our experts of Hp Technical Support Canada were exasperated at the unveiling of this machine. We
guarantee that you would have been as well. Keep in mind that this powerhouse is created with
professionals of an artistic outlook. To be precise, this software is meant for the users who indulge with
applications such as the Adobe creative Cloud (an app that entails Photoshop, Dreamweaver, illustrator,
Lightroom, inDesign, Aftereffects and premiere pro) and other tools of creative nature. Now that we
have discussed its intended users, let us now move on to its features:
1. Battery consumption: The access to fast recharge is supplement to the already impressive 10
hours battery life.
2. CPU and GPU: Keeping in line with the power consumption and the intended users, it entails an
impressive Intel INTC Core i7 processor. The core of the device is design. Therefore, the new and
improves NVIDIA NVDA Quadro graphics processor provides optimal complement to its 4k multitouch display.
3. Pressure sensitivity and Storage: moving on to devices storage capabilities, you can safely say
that things are a bit predictable. Meaning, you have access to a Solid State Drive prevalent in
these high-end machines. You can extend this memory up to 2TB. As for the pressure sensitivity,
the device is equipped with Wacom ERM technology. This utility accentuates on the tablet mode
use of Windows 10.
4. Decreased latency: With an appropriate emphasis on artistic ease, the latency of touch response
is reduced drastically here.
You can have all these features if you are willing to spend a surprisingly modest price of $1179. As for the
launch, you do not have to wait for a long time. HP promises that the ZBook will be available by
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