C'mon be a sport

Sports and games have always had a special place in India through the eons. You
will be amazed to know that some of the oldest form of martial arts like musti
yuddha, Kalaripayattu, silambam as well as marma adi originated in India.
Chaturanga also popularly known as Chess has its origins here. For a long time
after independence, India was in the nation building stage and sports had taken a
backseat while a new middle class was being formed. Cricket which didn’t really
need too much of infrastructure took over the imagination of the public and ruled
the hearts and minds of the billion Indians. However in the past few years with the
growth in wealth, economy and general awareness we have become much more
conscious of our lifestyle and now there are a plethora of sports centres and
academies here. Football, hockey, Badminton, swimming etc have also entered
into the popular consciousness through cricket still remains the main draw.
With the newfangled sports lifestyle becoming a part of the daily routine in
most urban families in the form of Jogging, Trekking, Yoga, Zumba, Swimming
and a lot more, trendy sports brands are also getting their fair share of interest
as people want to sweat in style.
German multinational
company Puma was
founded in 1948. With the
Indians being inspired by
sports and western way of
living Puma soon entered in
the Indian market, and
opened its first store in
Bengaluru in the late 2012.
Price range starting from Rs. 1000, anyone from a college student to high profile
professionals can afford Puma products. It is estimated that Puma India will be
the 5th largest market for Puma Products by 2020. Just like the brand ambassador,
Virat Kohli, Puma is made for the stylish, smart, jaunty, casual and informal youth.
So, if you have a zest for sports then Puma is just the brand for you.
Headquartered in
Massachusetts, United States,
Reebok was founded in 1958
by Joe and Jeff Foster. With
more and more people
inclined toward sports in
India, Reebok products soon
became the demand for bold
and tireless crowd.
Made for the sparky, zippy Fitness community and fitness freaks Reebok’s current
moto is “Be More Human”. Ranging from as low as Rs. 1000, Reebok products are
both affordable and trendy.
American Company Nike was first founded in 1964, by Bill Bowerman and Phill Knight.
Nike’s “swoosh” logo and “Just Do It” trademark only depicts that Nike is for the agile
people, who are full of vimand have a “get-up-and-go” personality. Just like its
current celebrity endorsement, Kevin Hart, Nike is for the optimistic and confident
. Products price range starting
from Rs.800, Nike fulfils the
trendy workout desire of
everyone who wants to sweat in
first steps in his mother’s wash
kitchen, Adolf Dassler, founded Addidas in
1924. Headquartered in Herzogenaurach,
Germany, Addidas currently deals with
footwear, sportswear, sports equipment
and toiletries. Addidas got its first
national recognition after the Germany
players won the national football in 1954
using Addidas sports kit.
In 2003, Addidas entered in the challenging market of sports brand in India by
proving Football kit to an East Bengal team. Soon Addidas made strong ground in the
Indian market by proving sports kit for the most loved Indian sport cricket for IPL
teams. Reebok products are for the dynamic, zestful, spirited, bubbly, perky and
bright sports lovers. Price range as low as under Rs. 999, Addidas is affordable by
everyone who loves sports goodies.
Italian brand Fila is one of the oldest sports brand that dates back to 1911,
headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Fila was founded by Yoon-Sun Yoon and YoonChan Cho. Deals with Atheletic Shoes, Clothing and Accessories Fila started as an
innerwear brand and then moved to sportswear. Endorsed by energetic and young
Karolina Pliskova, Fila is for the
vigorous, high-powered,
determined, zealous, fiery and
bold youth. Ranging from
Rs.999 Fila is an affordable
brand for everyone.