The 5 Biggest Web Design Trends Singapore in 2017

Every website owner wants his website to be the best one in his niche in terms of
design and functionality. When you are start building a website you need to know the
trend that is accepted and liked by people. Web design trends Singapore and also
around the world change almost every day. In this post a Singapore web Design
Company shares some trends which ruled the niche of web designing in 2017. These
new web design trends are helpful in designing an attractive website so that more
and more traffic come to the website.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) more Progressing in Web Design
AI is becoming more and more popular in the field of web designing these days, if you
have applied AI in web design it help solving a lot of problems about website design.
AI advices you the best way to make you website design and also gives suggestions
on how to improve you’re designing. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and
more popular in almost all spheres of life including web designing.
Visual Design is Shifting to Text
These days UX has been vey traditionally focused on visual design of interfaces. But
the new wave of apps is more and more focused on text.
The Amazon’s Alexa to Facebook web designers are more focused on the words
because it’s the trend. This means you don’t need to find an artist for your website,
you need to find good poets and author.
Grow of CSS in JavaScript
In these past few years web designers shifted their focus towards JavaScript. When
web designers use JavaScript to create websites then it gives the desired visual
effect on the web page. There are lots of benefits when you are using JavaScript for
web design. JavaScript helps you to improve the quality of visual displays on your
web page. At one point of time it looked like JavaScript is going to become obsolete
however with the changing trends and updations in JavaScript it is still ruling the
Uses of Prototyping Tools
In 2017 every web designer has been using handmade sketches. Prototyping tools
are very helpful in creating sketches with new technologies. When you are choosing
a prototyping tools, first thing you need to remember is picking the right prototyping
Web designers need good and new feature apps and tools like InVision, Adobe XD,
Figma, Axure, Marvel and Vectr. These prototyping tools are very useful for every
designer but these tools are little overwhelming.
Android is more Charming in Today World
In the past few years Windows has been the best operating system for people
accessing the web but this is no longer the case. After launching an Android version
people will have direct access to you via their smart phones. The number of users
using the web via their smart phones has increased manifold in the past few years.
Thus web design trends in 2017 have seen a considerable increase in the designing of
websites that are both desktop and mobile friendly. M-commerce will be the fad in a
couple of years and visionary designers and businessmen are gearing for it right from
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