How to Topdress a Lawn

How to Topdress a Lawn?
A lawn or garden topdressing is occasionally something that needs to be addressed, especially when
topdressing a beautiful lawn asks it. A healthy garden starts from the ground up. One way to enhance the
beauty of your lawn is to improve the soil, that underneath your garden and delivers a good, healthy and
vigorous yard than anything else.
Topdressing is such a technique, a process of lawn/garden care procedures that provides nutrients, food,
water and oxygen to the grass by adding a thin layer of soil over a turfgrass area. It smoothes the surface
of a garden, reduces thatch buildup by encouraging decomposition and set the stage for seeding bare
There a lot of methods can be found on the Internet, most of them will require unnecessary time, different
treatments and some expenses as well. But here not a chance!
Top 3 Tactics of Calscut to Topdress Your Lawn:
Organic Fertilisers
Organic fertilisers are far better for your grass; they produce more healthy greener yards than synthetic
ones. Basically, they are based on manure products that can help to improve the natural richness of the
soil. Moreover, they are healthier for your family as well as the environment. In a nutshell, natural
fertilisers can add a couple of time years to ensure the calibre of grasses.
Aeration of Water
A lawn should be aerated every 6-12 months. Aeration removes plugs of soil from the ground and leaves
an open channel for air and water. Several Australians use their lawn as their area of landscaping,
especially if they have kids or pets. This means that over time the soil beneath the turfs can become very
compact. As the result of this, problems occur with air circulation, water drainage and nutrient absorption.
If you want to really pump up your grass and make your turf more beautiful, you should aerate your yard.
Cut Your Grass
Keeping a healthy garden is not a piece of cake; it does take time and patience. If you have got the early
stage of unkempt lawn, it is important to control it right. Knowing what height to cut your grass correctly
is a good way to get your grass healthy and strong.
So, apply these methods, clear the way and keep an eye on your beautiful garden. A little time of your
hectic life will pay off in huge rewards. However, if you need more guidelines regarding this or other
lawn/garden care practises, contact Calscut. As we help people in all aspects of lawn/garden care, grass
cutting and garden maintenance services. If you want to turn your garden into a fairyland, just give us
a call @ 0474645248 and blown away by our work excellence and proven customer services.
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