Corporate Catwalk

Women in business have enough decision making to
do their lives, including how to be presentable in
their job, which is a major part of their routine.
Standing out of the crowd requires confidence and
panache, the right amount of fashion touch can do
wonders to your office ensemble. Little help from
online offers wouldn’t hurt either. Here are some of
the office essential which every women at work
needs to know about.
Cashmere Sweater
The most comfortable yet attractive and subtle yet outspoken
piece of clothing in your work space can be a cashmere sweater.
We all love the coffee and sweater combination, it somehow
makes our thought process flowing. The best thing about
cashmere is it not only feels so soft but can be styled in so many
ways and with the vibrant variety of colors, that you will never
have enough of it.
Tailored Fit Dress
The corporate ladies tend to be more sophisticated and
classy, the work requires them to meet different kinds of
people in different kinds of places hence it becomes
necessary to look your best without having to overdo it,
the tailored fit dresses are best pick for the wardrobe for
Suit Up
It sometimes becomes necessary to show who the boss is, formal
yet casual suits represent not only your personality but also proves
how serious you take your work. Classy is the new sexy and having
to have heads turned towards you in the office full of clients and
employees is a half won battle
Shoes To The Rescue
To break the
monotony of the
mundane corporate
world, pair up your
outfit with a pair of
sneakers and in just
no time people will
notice you more, the
theory is tested and
proven, sneakers
reveal that you are
not an uptight
personality but
instead up for new
challenges and
Blazers are working
women’s best
friend. You would
be surprised to see
the amount of
blazers a corporate
lady owns in her
blazer adds a tint of professionalism to any outfit. With the
amount of options available today, all work and no play is almost
Skirt Shirt
The old school look for beauty and elegance mixture are pencil
and A-line skirts with a blouse has been regarded as one of the
most attractive range of an apparel for women at work.
White Shirt
Basic is the best, white shirt is a symbolic
professional piece of clothing which almost
everybody owns. The best part about a white
shirt is there are infinite numbers of ways to
style the same.
Be it a long trouser, pencil
skirt or tailored pants, pick up
a white shirt with any of it and
your day in the office is
already sorted.
Accessories are as Important as clothing, they not only complete
the outfit but also reflects your personality with it, bags are the
most essential part of a work day, it has to be stylish yet spacious ,
light yet handy and thus it’s really vital to pick up the right
handbag suiting to the schedule and needs of your office