How to Make the Gmail Emails Look Cooler

How to Make the Gmail Emails Look Cooler?
While Gmail is quite a robust webmail application, it doesn’t allow much customization if you are looking to format
your essages so that they ight look a it…. ooler! What this e ail lie t pro ides is t o rudimentary but
efficient message interfaces.
1. One is the plain text: This utility offers no customization tools. To be succinct, the format is plain
2. The other is the Gmail rich text format: A newly introduces message formatting tool that allows the same
level of customization like Text effects, alignment and size much akin to the word processor (we just might
retract out doesn’t allow much customization statement from before)
That being said, the way to access these modifications is quite simple as well. While you can use the cursor to
navigate through them, we guarantee that you would rather do it like a pro and use keyboard shortcuts. With that
in mind, our experts of Gmail Technical Support UK 0800-046-5200 bring to you the way to interact with these
1. First and the obvious step is to log in to your Gmail account and click on compose to start composing a new
2. On the email Body, you will see a button that says Rich Formatting . Located right above the body, this utility
entails the customization tools right beside its icon.
3. Keep the cursor on these customization options and press on the CTRL+B , CTRL+I and CTRL+U key
combinations to select between the bold, italic and the underline options (See, much like the ms-Word)
4. To select the Font type, press the F button.
5. To add a hyperlink to the text, click on the chain icon from the customization options.
6. Navigate through all the other options that include the following:
a. Alignment icons to set the alignment of the paragraphs.
b. Text indentation buttons
c. Quotation buttons
7. To remove the formatting, click on the Tx icon.
Through the above options, your message might look cooler. However, this is entirely subjective to your talents.
That being said, if you need any assistance pertaining to this formatting or you are facing any other webmail issues,
you free to approach our experts via the toll-free Contact Gmail Support Number UK 0800-046-5200. Our experts
will assist you with the entire formatting process. Furthermore, if you are looking for assistance with the security of
your Gmail account, your experts will provide that you as well.