Amt service corp offers protect it plan card

AMT Warranty offer the Protect-it Plan Card
The Protectit card presents retailers and distributors a handy solution to grow their
extended service plan (ESP) business. This method of offering extended service pl
ans, with the tangibility of the walletsized cards, is actually open to your customers
in an extensive variety of categories and price options and is straightforward for yo
u to implement.
All you will need to do is obtain the card from AMT service
corp then sell it to your consumers rest is actually taken care by AMT warranty repr
What exactly is so wonderful about the program?
It is really a good easy-to-implement program.
AMT handles all of the administration of Protect-it plans.
AMT uses state-of-the-art web-based applications for tracking programs.
Protectit delivers both repair plans and replacement plans, ranging from two to fi
ve years. The program is certainly simple for your clients to use.
Using an extended service program like Protect-it, retailers as well as distributors
will certainly enjoy a program, which will generate development in their ESP
business, and several additional advantages, for instance:
Protectit offered by AMT service corp is often a good choice for retailers who wan
t to enhance revenues and profits.
Retailers who work with specialists for their ESPs understand stronger program g
rowth when compared with retailers who administer their own plans.
Protect-it helps build consumer loyalty by providing dependable, hasslefree ESPs.
ESPs are obtainable for a wide variety of industries, thus your products are covere
Cards offered by AMT warranty are out there in the following categories:
Consumer Electronic R
eplacement Consumer Electronic Repair
Notebook Computers
Desktop Computers
Plasma / Micro display Televisions
Digital Cameras / Camcorders
Power & Lawn and Garden Tools Replacement
Power & Lawn and Garden Tools Repair
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