These top 5 Gmail hacks would help you sleep better

These top 5 Gmail hacks would help you
sleep better
Gmail is no mere generic email application. It has some superficial tools, yes; but they too are far from
being standard. To get the maximum out of this gargantuan email service provider, we must look a bit
deeper inside its functionality.
Gmail technical support has heeded to this call and researched upon it. To that end, we present to
you the top 5 Gmail hacks that would help you to sound sleep.
1. Hack number 1: The unsend button: Consider this given scenario; your girlfriend’s birthday just
came up. Before the entire party bonanza she expects from you, she still awaits your email
(because calls are over rated). Late at night, you type in the most beautiful message, but also
you are a bit tired. To that end, you make a minute mistake that might have a devastating effect
on the mood of entire celebration. You got her age wrong; and to add the spicy icing to this
already boiling matter, you click on sent. It is only seconds later that you realize this. To this end,
you wonder “god please let me turn back time”. Well, Gmail is not a god, but its “unsend” feature
is sure a godsend. With this option, you have a small window to unsend the email that you
mistakenly put forward. To avail this feature:
a. Go to the Gmail settings by clicking on the gear icon.
b. Go to its latest Labs utility.
c. You would not encounter a dropdown menu. So, start scrolling down.
d. Once undo send is reached; enable the option.
e. Save this change.
Once these settings are enabled, you would have a 10 to 20 seconds window to unsend the
mail. Better use these moments to ponder upon your message mistakes.
2. Hack number 2: Put a shine on them: In your professional as well as personal life, you would
encounter many messages that are just too important to forget. They always need a shine on
them; and who to shine them better than the customizable multicolored stars that the email
application provides. To enable this feature:
a. Navigate to settings.
b. Hover over the general tab, then the scrolling comes.
c. Keep on scrolling until you reach the general tab.
d. Select stars.
e. Drag the stars you want to use to the above pane.
Apart from small remembrances, they can be used as an indicator as well. Like using the red for
warning, or green one if something good happened etc.
3. Hack number 3: Be a bit less paranoid: Expecting an Email from your boss that you might be
getting a promotion? Did this turn you into a crack addled paranoid and you are just clicking on
the refresh button to see if the message is there yet? Just chill out and relax. Let Gmail handle all
that. With the inbox tally feature, al the unread messages would be automatically indicated once
you open the tab. To avail this feature:
a. Again, go to the labs.
b. Start scrolling again.
c. Keep doing that until you see the “unread message icon”
d. Click it to enable it.
Enjoy this new feature, and for god’s sake be less paranoid.
4. Hack number 4: Searching for a needle, in a haystack of needles: Did you just forget about
THAT mail? A mail with THAT phrase? This vagueness makes the entire prospect of searching a
bit difficult. Ok, a lot difficult. But with the advanced search options, all you need is to remember,
and type in the phrase and god bless Gmail you would get what you want.
5. Hack number 5: Make the inbox mirror your own self. Whether you want to upload your own, or
find amount the given templates, Gmail offers multiple customization options for the inbox. It is
extremely easy to implement, and your inbox would be more personalized than your comb.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the Gmail customer Care Number at 1800-954301.
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