How to Erase Pictures from Yahoo’s Mailbox?

How to Erase Pictures from Yahoo’s
Yahoo Mail is a free web-based email facility by Yahoo! This ubiquitous email program can
be used on multiple platforms including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
Using Yahoo Mail you can send multiple emails in a fast and proper fashion. Furthermore, it
can be used to send and receive multimedia files such as texts, photos, games, music and
videos. Fortunately, these multimedia can be removed especially photos. Yahoo allows you
to free up the space of your mailbox by deleting pictures and messages. If this sounds
familiar, you have found the right Article! As Yahoo Technical Support will cover
everything you need. However, if you query remains unsolved or want to know more, you
can always connect with us by dialling our below toll-free number:
 Visit Yahoo’s official website and click the login portal.
 Here, log into your Yahoo account by confirming your credentials; enter your
username and password.
 After inputting the information, click the Sign In button or tap an Enter key on your
 Once you logged into your Yahoo account, click the blue link which states My
Attachments on the left side of the current screen.
 Now, navigate the mouse cursor to the images/pictures you would like to delete.
 After this, click the blue email subject line to the right of it.
 As you do this, click the Gray Delete button at the top of the current page to delete
both messages and images.
If you encounter any issue; have more queries regarding this or other matters, you can
contact Yahoo Support Ireland. Here our experts have got a keen eye for details and years
of experience under their belt. Just call Yahoo Customer Support [email protected]+353766042738 today and you will be blown away by their work excellence and proven customer