Staying warm this Winter. Find out what’s getting us all fired up.

Staying warm this Winter. Find out what’s getting us
all fired up.
There is nothing quite as homely and comforting than curling up in front of the fireplace on a
cool winter’s evening. Fireplaces are a functional, and beautiful feature of any home, even when
not in use.
Choosing the right system and perfect fit for your space has never been easier with a massive
range of units to suit your budget, efficiency expectations and space warming needs. From
wood to Gas, to freestanding or built-in, Lopi wood and gas fireplaces cover an extensive range,
to ensure you’ll find just the right combination of style, ambience, and of course warmth to
complement your home.
Lopi Flush wood large Hybrid-Fyre
For the emissions savvy home with a large space to warm.
Exclusive to Lopi, this system features revolutionary Hybrid-Fyre catalytic technology. Clean
burning with reduced emissions and almost zero carbon monoxide remaining through burn
cycles, is the result of combining wood and technology.
Less wood, more heat and noticeable savings on your heating costs! Suitable for a 300m²
space and up to 12hrs burn time. The unit will fit into many existing fireplace openings.
Lopi Answer
Looking for something smaller? This charming freestanding vintage-look fireplace is the
“Answer.” The five-sided convection chamber distributes even heat throughout your home and
is suitable for a room of up to 180m².
Featuring a larger firebox than most other small units, the answer has incredible heating
capacity and offers longer burn time and reduced reloading. There are various door and base
material options and the choice of pedestal or decorative legs for a customisable “answer” to
your needs.
If you prefer Gas and have an existing space to fill. Both economical and beautiful, the Lopi GS
Gas insert is intended to transform your old inefficient masonry fireplace into an attractive and
effective heat source. The Lopi DVS GS features the Ember-Fyre split-flow Burner, which was
recognised by ‘Popular Science’ as one of the top 100 achievements in science and technology.
Among many other features, this fireplace has a quiet convection blower and fast heat
circulation, suited to a 140m² room. The flame and heat output can be adjusted through
Lopi’sGreenSmart comfort control feature, allowing for comfortable use, all year round.
The Lopi 4415 HO GS2
Compliment your architecture with this sophisticated and powerful fireplace. The long row of
mesmerising dancing flames makes for an excellent heater suited to a room up to 195m².
Featuring a beautiful crushed glass floor and accent under-lighting, the Lopi 4415 HO GS2
illuminates a room with ambience even when your fire is off.
With six adjustable levels for fan, lights and flame, you’ll always be able to find your sweet/warm
spot with ease.
The Lopi Freedom Bay Inbuilt Wood Fireplace
This distinctive heater is a beautiful combination of engineering and design for the large home.
The Lopi Freedom Bay fireplace is the cleanest burning large gas insert to have been EPA
tested and approved, with an emission rate of only 2.6grms per hour.
The hand-polished solid brass framed ‘bay windows’ serve as circulation chambers which flow
cool air around the huge firebox, and return it to your up to 280m² room beautifully heated.
Lopi Republic 1250
For those with a smaller budget who are looking for big results from their wood stove. Lopi’s
affordable Republic wood stove does not compromise on design or function. Features include
heavy-duty steel construction; a fully lined ceramic brick firebox and large radiant heat transfer
surfaces. With legs as standard, or the option for a pedestal base, this attractive small wood
stove, is suitable for smaller homes and a space of up to 160m², and it certainly doesn’t
Lopi Cypress GS2
This sleek, clean and contemporary freestanding gas heater features the option of pebble,
traditional log or sculptured driftwood media. The huge heating capacity and three ceramic glass
panels enable you to feel the warmth and enjoy the view from every angle of the room.
The attractive addition of downward-pointing accent lighting beautifully highlights the interior.
The lighting can be used when the fire is low or off, to ensure the Cypress is a fabulous focal
point in your home, all year round.
Lopi DVL Cypress GS
Looking to renovate or upgrade your existing fireplace? The DVL Cypress Gas Insert will
transform your existing masonry fireplace into a modern, beautiful and economical heat source.
Convective heat, radiant heat, and reduced depth dimensions combined, make this insert ideal
for existing openings. Enjoy a gorgeous fire without loosing all the warmth up your chimney!
Featuring cutting edge Ember-Fyre split-flow burners, Ember-Fyre ‘wood-like’ flames and the
GreenSmart Comfort Control system that allows you to adjust your settings remotely. Use your
fireplace all year round, as you choose to turn off part of the burner to reduce the heat; but
retain the radiant fire and burning embers.
Heat is circulated through your 185m² room quickly and evenly via the quiet convection blower.
It’s easy to love a Lopi fireplace
The stunning Lopi range ensures you’ll find everything you could need in a new fireplace. The
brand combines cutting edge technology, sophistication, beauty, style, and impressive
functionality. We’re sure you’ll be as fired up over your new Lopi fireplace as we are.