Where to Find Forwarded Emails in Gmail

Where to Find Forwarded Emails in Gmail?
Gmail is for everyone, this web-based emailing platform works like a charm by providing the
most relevant features into it. Furthermore, it allows you to organise your contacts by turning
them into the conversation threads.
Over time some casual users face issues while using Gmail. One such issue is forwarded email.
When a person sends you an email you get it in your inbox but due to network failures chances
are high that email could be move or can’t receive in your mailbox. Therefore, Gmail Support
has come with an effective blog you should consider. If this sounds good you have found the
right blog! As we are going to mention the guidelines to find the forwarded emails:
 Using the Search Bar
Gmail has got a huge stomach; you never know where your email is. To locate all you
need to do is run a search. To this end, go to the search bar of Gmail, input a few
relevant keywords related to that email and finally hit an Enter key on your keyboard. As
you press it, you can easily locate the messages.
 Conversation Thread
Unlike the other emailing platforms, Gmail is quite open; it does stack your messages in
chronological order. But then again finding could be a hard part. So to find them in a
single click, let’s visit your inbox. In the conversation thread, scroll down and see your
messages in a queue. That’s how you can find them quickly.
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