How To Change The Sleep Mode Time Of Brother Printer

How to Change the Sleep Mode Time of
Brother Printer?
Brother Printer automatically goes into sleep mode when it doesn’t receive any data for a
longer period. A user may feel that the machine is turned off but it is not. The time of the
printer to go into the sleep mode depends on the settings made to it.
Follow the given steps to change the duration of sleep mode:
Windows users1. Open any application on your system to start the procedure.
2. Let’s say, you have opened Microsoft Excel. Now, press Ctrl + P to enter the print
window. Or, just click File from the main menu bar and click Print.
3. Verify the name of your printer in Name section and then click Properties.
4. Navigate to the Advanced tab and then select Other Print Options.
5. Now, choose Sleep Time under Printer Function section and then from the present
window screen, choose the setting according to the requirement.
 Auto (Intelligent Sleep Mode) - If selected this option, this automatically adjusts
to the most suitable timeout setting depending on the usage of the printer.
 Printer Default- When a user chooses this option, the timeout setting will be
reset to the specific time set at the factory. This setting turns the printer into the
sleep mode when the particular time set at the factory passes without receiving
data after the machine prints the last job.
 Manual- Doing this setting turns the Brother Printer into the sleep mode when
the time that you have set crosses without receiving data after the machine
prints the last paper. Enter the desired time in the box and use up and down
keys to select the time.
6. Save the settings and click OK button thrice to finish this process.
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