The anatomy of a normal spine

The anatomy of a normal spine
Patients with back pain who visit a Spine Pain Management Doctors most often come back
feeling more confused. This is mostly due to the terminology that is used by doctors. Although it
is expected that patients can get confused by such terminology, it is important to know that even
trained professionals also get confused with some terminology used in back ache problems.
Most patients go to the hospital wanting to know the best Spine Pain Treatment and to stay
away from their harsh pain. Many would already know about some non surgical treatments like
physiotherapy and surgical treatments like reconstructive spine surgery. Nevertheless, they can
really get confused with terms like L% or L4 levels, S1 levels. Sometimes they are even more
confused when they are told that the problem with their leg is related to problems in their back.
At the basic level, it is important to understand some of the terms used in spine anatomy.
Cervical spine
This refers to the spine section at the neck area. The cervical spine is made up of seven vertebrae
named fomC1 to C7. C1 is located at top of cervical neck while C7 is at the bottom. Problems in
this area can result in neck pain and also pain that is felt right down to the arms. If you are
facing this type of problem, you should immediately consult with Spine Specialist. With some
research online, you can easily find Spine Specialist Near Me and get accurate treatment.
Thoracic spine
This is the spine section at the upper back. It is made up of 12 vertebrae named T1 till T12.
These thoracic vertebrae are even attached to ribs as well as to the breast bones. Thanks to the
fact that the thoracic spine that is firmly attached with the rib bones and breast bones, it suffers
very little effects from movements.
Lumbar spine
The lumbar or lower back spine has five vertebrae named L1 till L5. This part of the spine is
most flexible and undergoes a lot of motion. Such section of spine bears weight of the body. As
such, it is more prone to developing back problems. Any problem with the lower back can result
in pain down your legs, but you can find Spine Specialist Nyc to solve this problem.
Sacral region
The area at bottom of spine; that is found below lumbar spine is sacral region. Sacrum is made
up of five bony structures that are fused together. They are named S1 till S5. These series of five
bones form a triangle at base of spine and are also the top of the pelvic area. Most often
problems in the lower back are around the L5-S1 region which is the area where lumbar spine
meets sacral region. This area is prone to degeneration. The lumbrosacral region which is the
area where lumbar spine usually meets sacral region is also prone to degeneration as it supports
the weight of body. It will be good, if you consult with Top Spine Doctors about this problem.
They are the only that can help you professionally.