The Art of Safe Parenting

The Art of Safe Parenting
What is your Parenting style?
5 Modern Parenting Styles
According to Bill Cosby, “You know the only people who are always sure about the
proper way to raise children? Those who’ve never had any”
There is no hard and fast rule for child-rearing. Teaching your own values and beliefs
to your young ones does not mean that they will obviously have the same values in
future. As parents, we cannot force our children to stand by our certain
standards.Every child has an innate and unique personality. All other elements such as
luck, challenges of life and money come afterwards.
Just get a flashback of your good old school days. There was always that kid who
would behave rudely with everyone and you had decided then that you won't let your
child do such impolite stuff to others. As parents, you can't even think of any clue as
to how children can make you boil-up with extreme resentment. You might think it is
very striking to see people waking up all night for their children. But it would be
impossible for you to imagine the feelings of a parent who raised a child to adulthood.
One can never visualize the kind of personality conflicts between the mother and the
child, the father and the mother, and the child and the father. Nonetheless, parents still
try to make things simpler and act in certain ways with their children.
1. Instinctive Parenting Style
You may call it the old parental school of thought where parents simply use their
personal gut feeling. These feelings of parents are heavily influenced by their own
upbringing. They will be instructing their children the behavior and skills what they
already knew from their own parents, siblings or any other guardian. They will
deliberately be preventing themselves from experimenting innovative things with their
2. Attachment Parenting Style
Emotional bondage with children is the ultimate source of parenting here. It makes the
child feel more secure, compassionate and peaceful. These parents are more likely to
respond to children’s needs and aspirations and they will be available to them all the
time to make a certain spiritual connection. Natural environment such as a common
family bed, home-guidance and deliberately preventing from physical punishment is
provided to the children for their constructive upbringing.
3. Helicopter Parenting Style
“My home, my rules” Such parents linger around the children like a helicopter. They
will hijack all the innate aspirations of children with their constant authoritative
behavior. Though all these acts are performed to make sure the welfare of children,
sometimes this kind of behavior can backfire. For instance, remaining too much
dependent upon parents can induce the elements of laziness and selfish behavior,
which would impact on their personal and professional life in future.
4. Permissive Parenting Style
“Do whatever you aspire to” It is the most lenient type of parenting. Such parents are
entirely opposite to helicopter parents and offer flexibility to the children about their
personal aptitude, discipline and life objectives. These parents demonstrate relatively
less expectations and use their self-control to show flexibility to their children.
5. Techno Parenting Style
Such parents are techno savvy. They use innovative and digital ways to guide their
children. They often use tools like iPads and YouTube for children’s mental growth.
They give away attractive and fancy prizes to their children on accomplishing certain
online tasks. In this way, parents will not only make a strong association with their
children but they will also be able to monitor their activities using a reliable
monitoring application to ensure their safety.
Showing Your Feelings Silently
No matter what style of parenting you opt for, you will innately want to see your
children safe and secure from all wrongdoings like cyber bullying, bad company and
drug addiction. For this, you need to monitor the child every second to ensure their
safety. One of the popular methods for monitoring children is to use a trustworthy
monitoring application. Through this application, you won’t only be able to monitor
your children’s online activities but will also know the location and surroundings of
your children at any time First Birthday Baby Boutique.