How to Delete Kaspersky Lab products?

How to Delete Kaspersky Lab products?
If the application settings are protected by a password, then you should
type the password when you need to close the application or delete it. If
you forget the password, then follow the steps to restore it. If you face any
problem while updating database, perform the instructions given in the
article i.e. Steps to diagnose update errors in lab products. Kaspersky
Support here helps you to delete the Kaspersky Lab product. Perform the
steps provided below depending on the Windwos10.
Steps for Windows 10
Exit from all running application.
Give a right-click on the product icon in the lower-right corner of
Desktop. Click Exit on the shortcut menu. If the application can be
seen in the notification area, hit the Show hidden icons arrow. If you
can’t see any icon, go to the fourth step.
If the settings are protected by a password then type the password.
Tick the box beside the Do not prompt for confirmation during
next 30 minutes and hit the Continue button. If you have forgotten
the password, perform the instructions to restore it.
Press the Win+R key together on the keyboard.
Click Programs & Features in the Windows menu.
Hit the uninstall/change button after choosing the application from
the list.
Click Accept in the Attention! Dialog box.
Hit the Next button.
Tick the boxes for data you need in the Saving Objects window.
Hit the Next button.
Give a click on Remove in the Ready to Uninstall window.
Let the removal complete. Hit the Yes button in the window with a
question on reboot. The app will be completely deleted from your PC
after reboot.
Connect with Kaspersky Tech Support Number
Our team of well-trained technicians & engineers will provide all the
necessary details if you have any issue or query regarding the process
mentioned above. All you need to do is Contact Kaspersky Customer
Support Canada 1-855-253-4222 and get the best resolutions for your
issues. Our highly qualified techies will aid you using the latest
technological tools within the shortest span of time.
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