Customizable Plans, Turnkey Solutions

Not all extended service plan programs are the same. And, likewise, not all
companies have the same needs. For some businesses, that might mean a
comprehensive suite of business tools, a replacement and repair program and
accidental damage from handling protection. While others might require
rollout training, ongoing sales support and help with their point-of-sale
Customizable programs are Warrantech’s key specialty. Our modular “menu”
solutions allow our clients to build a unique program based on specific goals.
As the needs and capabilities of our partners change, our modular approach
ensures the program adapts to the desired outcome, while maintaining the
financial and/or administrative integrity of the program. By choosing from
our full suite of services, partners leverage Warrantech’s core competencies
to best serve their needs.
• World-class administration services for consumer product service contracts,
vehicle service contracts, financial product programs and ancillary products.
• Management of state/lender filings, dealer agreements, policy and procedure
manuals, program compliance: including marketing materials review/approval.
• Ability to integrate seamlessly with partner systems.
• Licensed obligor in all 50 states and Canada. Ability to serve in any capacity.
• We can begin as the obligor, while the client secures the necessary licenses, and
then transition the role as needed.
• Offer CLPs and other direct insurance policies in all relevant jurisdictions that
can accept risk for all programs.
• Support all First Dollar and Excess of Loss structures to provide flexibility and
speed to market.
• All carriers are “A” rated by A.M. Best.
• Fully able to support reinsurance models, ranging from a pure fronted transaction
to various quota shares and excess of loss programs.
• Ability to create risk sharing captive structures for individual dealers, dealer
groups and parent company (offshore and onshore options available).
• Internal financial department able to provide all the necessary cession statements
to the captive in a clear, concise and easy to understand format.
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