Pink Lady Milkshake Birthday Party

Pink Lady Milkshake Birthday Party
Calling all Pink Ladies! For a unique and adorable theme, a Pink Lady Milkshake birthday party is the
way to go. Completely retro adorable, this is a theme that will definitely be memorable. There are so
many cool retro aspects that you can include in this themed birthday party. It’s colorful, fun and brings
us back to a simpler time. Plus, little kids in retro digs are especially adorable. Here are some fun
elements to include:
Dress the part! Have poodle skirts and bandana pony tail holders for the girls. For the boys, have
some hair gel and black shades to they can transform into a handsome greaser. If rompers are more
your style, check out our Lizzie Stripe Black and White baby Romper that has the perfect touch of pink.
It is super adorable and she will certainly stand out as the birthday girl!
Retro food elements: You can include some cute retro food elements into your party dishes. Have
small Cracker Jack boxes to pass out in goodie bags and soda in small glass bottles. Red and white stripe
straws are a perfect touch to the retro theme too. It also wouldn’t be a Pink Lady Milkshake Birthday
party without a milkshakes! Serve them with those red and white stripe straws and don’t forget the
cherry on top. Use Cadillac cruisers toy cars to hold French fries or condiments.
Décor: There are numerous ways you can incorporate retro themed décor to your little one’s birthday
party. Add retro red and white checkered table cloths. Hang old records as garlands or use them as
centerpiece plates to put flowers on. An adorable centerpiece to make is using white carnations in a
clear ice cream soda glass with a red carnation on top to look like the cherry. Add a straw to really make
it look like a milkshake.
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