Troubleshoot 2018 Installation Setup Error With Bitdefender Support

Troubleshoot 2018 Installation Setup Error with
Bitdefender Support
Bitdefender Antivirus is the ranked amongst 10 best antivirus software in this
huge industry. The brand is known for producing humongous products every
year and delivering their best to keep away your information and details to the
hackers. Being a persistent brand, it has captured a lot of audience by
constantly developing top-notch products with uber cool features and
protection. Since, all the anti-viruses will stay at the developing stage in the
near future because of technology. As the technology is growing really fast, it is
hard to catch up and find a permanent fix. Similarly, Bitdefender 2018 is one of
such unfortunate development which inspite of amazing feature is lagging
away for dealing with setup errors.
Here in this article, Bitdefender Antivirus Support finds a solution that will
be beneficial for the users. So, users suffering from setup errors can now
follow these rules to overcome the hurdle:
 First of all, if your system consists of the older version, you will need
to remove it using the un-installation tool.
 Now, if you have any other security products installed or traces, you
will need to delete and uninstall them, now reboot your system.
 Then, you can proceed with reinstalling the Bitdefender from Official
If the same issue persists, then proceed with these steps:
 Use the Microsoft System File Checker tool to repair corrupted or
missing files.
 Here, you too can check the details of the Disk tool to find common
 After the checking is done, this will now require on performing
Windows updates.
 Now, add permissions to the Bitdefender installation folders
 To finish the process, restart your computer and install Bitdefender
from designated Account.
This will surely sort the problem and if you have any other queries on your
antivirus you can call on our Bitdefender Technical Support Number 1855-253-4222 we hope on offering solution where your antivirus can work
smoothly and keep your system away from malicious files and viruses.
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