Make an Animated GIF Along with Adobe Customer

Make an Animated GIF Along with Adobe Customer Service
Adobe is a bundle of applications through which you can edit your documents, edit pictures, and play videos
and so on. This brand has every application that a person requires to do business work. Several online
software allows you to convert video clips into animated gifs. These applications are very useful when you
want to upload a small video and create s short animated gif.
Adobe Premiere allows a person to import a full-length movie and then edit it according to the requirement.
Let’s learn how to do this.
1. Press the power button of your laptop to bring it in working mode. When the desktop screen
appears, go to start menu button and type Adobe Premiere in the vacant box.
2. Press Enter key after typing and select Premiere from the list of results to open it.
3. Now, press Ctrl + I key to open the File Import Window. The window shows the folders and files on
your hard drive. Locate your video file and select it to highlight it.
4. Go to open to open the file. It will be shown in the Project window on the left side of the screen.
5. Next, drag the file to the Source Monitor in the center of the screen. Then, you can see a preview of
the video in this monitor.
6. Select the Play button below the Source Monitor symbolized as the shape of an arrow. The video can
play now.
7. Select the Stop button when the video reaches the point where you wish to add animated gif. Select
the “Left In Point” button below the “Source Monitor”.
8. Once this is done, click on Play button to continue previewing the video on the screen.
9. Select the “Stop” button when the video reaches the point where you wish your animated gif to
10. Now, select the “Right In Point” button and the go to file tab to select Export option.
11. Thereafter, click “Adobe Medial Encoder.” A window will open and permit you to select an output
format for your video.
12. Type a name for the output file and click “Animated Gif” as the output format.
13. Click on the OK button. Adobe Premiere will convert the edited video into an animated GIF.
By following above steps, you can make an Adobe Animated GIF in just few clicks. If you encounter some
issues while performing this method, reach us for the proper guidelines. We are easily approachable at
Adobe Support Phone Number and you can get our fastest response to fix any complex error. We provide
inexpensive service which is affordable by any user. Get in touch with us to attain the help from our experts
and remain worry-free.