sexual assault by an evanston police officer on a robbery victim

sexual assault by an evanston police officer on a robbery victim
today i am exercising my right to speak freely about past sexual assaults i have endured at the hands of both police officers and a medical doctor.
so far most of my expressions have simply been copying and pasting past emails sent to various law enforcement agencies containing my complaints.
however there is one complaint that i can do more justice with by remembering what took place five years ago:
on march 7th 2013, an individual attempted to rob me. while attempting to escape from this person, several bystanders phoned the evanston police. when the police showed up, they recognized this individual as a suspect in a burglary case.
this individual had quite the record. however he wasted no time in accusing me of robbing him! his claim became preposterous when he said i displayed a knife or gun.
it was then that an officer told me that because i had been accused of displaying a “knife or gun” ( of which my accuser claimed he did not know ) that he would be performing a “terry stop”. he gleefully said that this would be a “light pat down”
the officer then sarcastically slapped his hands up and down my legs. it was obvious to me that my legs now had his red hand prints covering both of them. this clearly was not a “light pat down” yet a violent assault that involved more than a dozen violent “slaps” to my person.
then the officer worked his way to the top of my legs. now he was gripping the top of my leg. and then he just stopped, with his hands tightly wrapped around my upper leg. he froze with his hands glued to the top of my leg.
it was then that i realized that not only was i being violently assaulted by an evanston police officer, yet that i was being sexually assaulted as well.
this all took place during the day, out in the open, in front of countless witnesses.
the only thing holding me back from seeking vigilante justice; is my fear of God himself.
Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.
-jay schloemer