OPS case number is CR 13-06

OPS case number is CR 13-06
It has taken me more than a week to even articulate what had taken place several days ago. My contact with Commander Davis only served to leave me further humiliated when I first heard someone laughing in the background in addition to Commander Davis herself who appeared to find this humorous as well. At that point Commander Davis abruptly discontinued her “investigation” not giving me the opportunity to articulate the inappropriate contact which I later left in an e-mail with Chief Eddington ( considering that I did not believe my complaint was being taken seriously ). It is my sincere understanding that Commander Davis had abruptly ended her “investigation” so that she could have a “good laugh” with her colleagues. This not only served to dissuade me from following through with my complaint, yet also to further humiliate me as I mentioned in this same paragraph above.
What really disturbs me about this whole situation is that my mistrust of the Evanston Police Department is so prevalent that after speaking with Commander Davis yesterday, I decided not to cooperate with the Evanston Police Department in testifying against Andre Shearer who is presently incarcerated not only for his assault against me, yet a separate burglary charge having nothing to do with the incident that took place several days ago. My decision was not an easy one to make, however I see the Evanston Police Department as a greater threat to the community than the defendant.
Jay Schloemer
1301 North Western Avenue, Apartment 226
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Mar 19, 2013 at 3:42 PM