sexual assault in the lake forest hospital emergency room

sexual assault in the lake forest hospital emergency room
to whom it may concern,
around august 7th i entered the lake forest hospital emergency room with chest pain.
towards the end of my emergency room visit, doctor singhvia who i had been working with marched into my room/area and demanded in a very threatening voice that i lay down on the examining table and he then performed a sexual examination.
during the examination he went from being very angry to becoming giddy.
i was not only in fear of my life because of the chest pain i was having, yet even more so because this doctor had now become angry with me which i interpreted as a threat to call security if i did not cooperate. i believe that if security had been called that i would have been strapped down which ( with along with my chest pain ) would have caused my death.
richard paulus who is the supervisor of hospital operations told me the examination was unnecessary yet he now denies ever saying this.
as i was writing this email richard paulus called and eventually asked for permission to contact the police on my behalf if his investigation led him to believe an assault had taken place. this email grants him this permission.
i know in my heart that a serious crime has been committed. i sincerely believe that the public should be made aware of what happened to me for two reasons:
1) others may have had a similar experience with this same doctor and our witness accounts together would encourage prosecution of what i believe to be a very dangerous person. although doctor singhvia was initially professional, when his demeanor changed it was apparent to me that he was no longer concerned about a possible life threatening situation yet his own personal gratification.
2) simply to warn others about a sexual predator in our community whom is abusing his authority.
what troubles me greatly is right before this unnecessary examination doctor singhvia began asking me questions about power of attorney and other personal mental health questions that let me know i was about to be victimized. i am not new to the idea that vulnerable persons are much more likely to be victimized by professionals then those who have yet to be labeled. it is obvious to me that doctor singhvia ( if contacted by the police ) will be attacking my credibility focusing on some past bogus mental diagnosis, however my credibility is off the table. whether or not i am mentally healthy or not does not change the fact that my sexual examination was completely unnecessary and humiliating.
richard paulus confirmed that this examination did in fact take place, however doctor singhvia is claiming it was necessary. i would hope that most reading this email would find that claim preposterous.
doctor singhvia claims he was looking for a possible infection, even though i am not sexually active nor have i ever been diagnosed with any type of STD.
what a sick joke.
jay schloemer
dr. ajay singhvi is incorrectly spelled as “doctor singhvia”
“august 7th” is a few days off, this occurred in 2016