what a FOIA request would reveal

what a FOIA request would reveal
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2016, 8:20:02 AM CDT
Subject: what a FOIA request would reveal
1) when detective wendy dumont called me on the phone to invite me into the lake forest police station for what was supposed to be a complaint against the lake forest hospital, i had told wendy that i was considering picketing the lake forest hospital. when wendy heard this she told me that if i did this she would arrest me. my right to protest my treatment at lake forest hospital is a constitutional right.
2) during my taped interview with detective wendy dumont, wendy threatened me with a defamtion lawsuit if i continued to complain about my treatment at lake forest hospital. it quickly became obvious to me that this interview was not an attempt to gain a complaint from me, yet to intimidate me into being quiet about the sexual assault that occured at lake forest hospital.
3) when wendy realized that i was not one to be inimidated, she then contacted both of my parents in an attempt to have me committed, in order to silence me.
4) wendy also showed her obsession with my family trust, which she told me she knew about. she also attempted to have a “guardian” placed over me in order to have control over my family trust.
5) wendy asked me several questions about my family. who i got along with, inorder to gain insight into her strategy in committing me. she knew very well that the less support i had from my family, the more likely she would be successful in committing me.
wendy made it completely obvious that she worked not for the citizens of lake forest, yet lake forest hospital.
she boasted about assisting in providing rape kits for lake forest hospital, yet she made it ultra clear that she does not take an interest in victims regarding sexual assault.
i sincerely believe wendy’s job is to silence those that report sexual assault, in order to make it appear that lake forest is a safe place to live and go to school.
i can only imagine the countless victims that have come to her seeking help, only to find out that she works for satan himself.
jay schloemer