4 Common Questions And Answers About Reiki

4 Common Questions And Answers About Reiki
As many people are looking at using distance reiki for one reason or another, the
number of people using this technique for reiki distance healing as dramatically
increased over night. From a practice that was only done in the eastern countries, it
has become a common practice even in the west. Its popularity has surely
increased thanks to the ease of use. As more people join the bandwagon, there are a
lot of questions that need answers even for those who have known about the
technique for years.
Is it a religious practice?
Long before people decide to take up reiki self healing training, the name of the
technique itself leaves people feeling that
they are dealing with a religious practice.
However, they are quick to find out that
this is not the case. Granted, long
distance reiki is a spiritual practice but
not one that involves changing ones fait
from one religion to another. Those who
decide to use this therapy are free to
continue in their religions and worship as
they deem fit.
Where does the energy come from?
According to the practitioners of this healing type, the energy that is used in this
therapy comes from a higher power. You can find healing crystals near me that
match with your needs. It is said to come in through the head of the practitioner
and ten flows down to the body parts especially the hand. While this energy from
spiritual crystals could be through to be something likes electricity, it is
something more than that. Most often, the source of this energy is said to be within
the individual although there is wide agreement that this source within the
individual must be connected to a higher source.
How are treatments given?
Most treatments are done while the patient is
lying down although they can still be done
successfully if the patient is standing or
sitting. Te practitioner places their hands over
the body of the person to undergo treatment
and energy is said to flow from through the
hands of the practitioner to the body of the
person undergoing treatment. The idea is to move the hands through the body and
station them over places that need to be treated. The hands are placed over areas to
be treated for about two to three minutes before they are moved to other areas.
Who can participate in reiki treatments?
Due to the gentle nature of the therapy and crystal care, almost anyone who
believes they can be helped by the technique can benefit from it. Thanks to crystal
unicorn and reiki training it is possible to eliminate some of the distress that
comes with using conventional medicine such as drugs and chemotherapy. The
good thing about the practice is that it can be used together with conventional
medicine. As such there is no need to stop seeing a regular doctor while on reiki
treatment. If you are thinking where to buy crystals near me then today with
some research you can easily find stores that sell crystals near me.