Vitamin IV Drips – The Latest Buzz Word in the Health Industry

Vitamin IV Drips – The Latest Buzz Word in the Health Industry
The body undergoes a lot of stress throughout the day irrespective of its cause. Various
environmental factors are at play, which affect your system and some of them can prove to be
very dangerous. Faced with such odds, it would be nice to find a way to conquer chronic disease,
defeat fatigue and enhance your metabolism and energy. Thanks to modern science, there is a
What is Vitamin Drip Therapy?
While the vitamin drip therapy was introduced back in the mid-1950s, the public hasn’t had
knowledge of this type of vitamin intake until recently. The upsurge in popularity of vitamin drip
therapy came about when the top Hollywood celebrities like Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian,
Rihanna, Madonna and Cindy Crawford started using it. Their positive reviews about this
procedure helped it in gaining the spotlight it deserved.
The vitamin IV drips process involves direct delivery of nutrients like selenium and vitamins B
and C into the bloodstream. It takes from 30 minutes to an hour to complete. If you want to
imagine what this therapy looks like then you need to think of a spa with intravenous drips
instead of nail dryers and foot baths.
Selenium and vitamins B12, B6, B5, B2, B1 and C are usually the ingredients of the vitamin
drips used in this treatment method. These nutrients are good for maintaining the health of eyes
and skin and promoting nerve function.
Why Can’t We Take Vitamins Orally?
A simple vitamin C infusion can cost you up to $250 while the price for complex nutrient blends
can reach almost $1000. Are IV vitamin drips worth this much amount of money or is it nothing
more than a Hollywood trend? According to some medical professionals, this treatment method
can revitalize the body.
The importance of vitamins is a well-known fact. They are required for the proper functioning of
the body. These vitamins are available in the food we eat. However, some people aren’t able to
absorb them. Although oral supplements are available, they aren’t very effective. Since the
stomach can’t absorb the vitamins effectively enough, high doses need to be administered.
Conversely, the direct injection of the nutrients into the bloodstream infuses them into the cells
and the body rapidly utilizes them. Thus, the method ensures that the essential organic
compounds are transported where they are most needed. Oral intake of vitamins comes with a
limit, crossing which can cause hypervitaminosis. However, using vitamin drips, you can ensure
delivery of high doses which can’t be administered orally.
Advantages of Vitamin IV Drips Treatment
Healthier skin, stronger hair and nails because of enhanced production of collagen, healthy sleep
patterns, mood enhancement, weight loss, increased metabolic rates and energy boost are some
of the benefits experienced by people who underwent this therapy.
This method of vitamin intake is considered to have a detrimental effect on the development of
cancer. In 2008, a study conducted in the US on laboratory mice with aggressive cancer revealed
that the tumours shrunk up to 53% when the mice were given high doses of vitamin C.
Successful suppression of ovarian cancer cells and a marked reduction in chemotherapy side
effects was noted in the study conducted by the University of Kansas
Does This Treatment Method Have Any Risks
As is the case with the usage of any substance, there are risks involved in the infusion of
vitamins too. Few doctors even say that the risk of infection and allergic reactions are higher
than the chance of getting any benefit. A minor portion of the people who underwent this
treatment reported the risk of development of kidney stones.
Determining the right dose is the critical aspect of this treatment method. Cardiac arrest is among
the health complications that can occur if the wrong dose is administered. While the vitamin IV
drips treatment seems effective, seeking the advice of a reliable and well-trained physician is a
good idea.