How To Deal With Any Dell Laptop Keys If That Key Is Not Working

How To Deal With Any Dell Laptop
Keys If That Key Is Not Working?
How To Deal With Any Dell Laptop
Keys If That Key Is Not Working?
When we are on working mode and suddenly
your laptop’s motherboard keys are stops
working, then what will you do? Your whole work
goes on hold and you have to go to technician, so
that they can fix it quickly. But after reading this
article, you don’t need to go there as you can fix
your laptop’s keys at your home.
Repairing a keyboard is not risky but it's always a
good idea to take these protections before you
repair a computer.
• Turn off the laptop
Before doing anything with laptop firstly shut down
your laptop.
• Remove the key with equipment
Use light force only. If the key doesn’t stand out, try a
different angle.
To eliminate larger keys, such as the Shift key and
Space bar, handle from the top of the key
• Look for dirt and other any unwanted object
Remove small objects with a pair of tweezers. Take out
loose dust or unwanted things.
• Clean up spills
Wet the cloth with a small amount of rubbing alcohol
and wipe the sticky area gently.
• check the retaining clip
Frequently made out of white plastic, consists of two
thin, square stuff hooked around each other. These
should be firmly attached to the keyboard, and to each
• Ensure the silicon rubber membrane
Don’t touch it with a dirty or sharp object. This part of
the keyboard is can easily damaged.
Clean with a lint-free cloth dampened slightly with
rubbing alcohol and wait for it to dry
• Glue down the new membrane
Use a toothpick to place a touch lightly of strong glue,
such as silicone glue, onto a sheet of paper. Pick up the
membrane with tweezers and minor it then transfer it
onto the keyboard.
Let sit for at least 30 minutes reattach the
retainer and key cap on top of this.
Still you need help or there is something
wrong, then call us without hesitation. We will
give you best suggestion. Our Dell helpline
number Australia 1-800-958-235 is very
responsive, they will fix your problem within
few minutes and also they will give you some
tips which are very beneficial for you and your
Dell helpline number Australia
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