Varicose veins and spider veins are definitely not the things you have dreamed about.

Varicose veins and spider veins are not the
things you have dreamed about
Varicose veins and spider veins are definitely not the things you have
dreamed about. Let’s first of all define them in order not to be
confused what you have. Varicose veins are large, swollen, raised
blood vessels that twist and turn. They usually form on legs and you
can see them through the skin. On the other hand spider veins are
smaller, red, blue and purple veins. They can be spotted on legs too,
but they can also be spotted on chest or face.
A lot of different things can cause the varicose or spider veins. Some
of them are: obesity, heredity, standing a lot, pregnancy, puberty,
menopause, birth control pills, blood clots, and etc. Mostly they
develop in women, and they risk of having them increases with age.
To diagnose them you should go to the san diego varicose vein
doctor or san diego spider vein doctor. When you will visit your best
vein doctor san diego, he will do a physical exam. Exam includes the
checking your legs for swelling and inspection of your legs. The
ultrasound test may be needed to check the functionality of valves in
veins or the presence of blood clots.
In order to treat the varicose veins you don’t need to stay at hospital
or to have long recovery. Your best varicose vein doctor in san
diego will be able to treat you on outpatient basis. However, you can
do some things even before going to a san diego vein doctor. Selfcare is very important to reduce pain and to prevent veins from
getting worse. Additionally, you should wear compression stockings
all day. It will help veins move blood easier.
If you have spider veins you again should go to the sd spider vein
doctor for the treatment. For most cases the treatment is the same.
First step is to wear stockings and to change lifestyle.
If you have more complicated condition, when you have a lot of
pains, or you want to cure veins for cosmetic reasons your best vein
doctor in san diego can provide you more options for treatment.
Some of them are sclerotherapy, endovenous laser treatment,
radiofrequency occlusion, and surgery.
The easiest way is
sclerotherapy. It means that your best vein doctor in sd will inject
highly concentrated saline solution or a specifically made detergent
directly into the vein. It will cause the varicose vein to disappear
gradually over three to six weeks.
Surgery is mostly used to treat
large varicose veins. If you have
a need of the surgery, your best
varicose vain doctor sd will
notify you about it. It can be
performed using local or general
anesthesia. Most patients return
home the same day as the
You should ask your best vein
doctor sd about your insurance.
Insurance usually covers the treatment of varicose veins. However,
you most probably (if you do not feel pain) will have to pay for the
treatment of spider vein by yourself. It is sad, but your insurance will
hardly cover anything made for clear cosmetic reasons.