Spider veins how to fight against them

How to fight against spider veins
Spider veins occur when veins bellow the skin become red, blue or
purple. Usually, they appear on the thighs, calves and ankles. They
can be caused by plenty of factors: heredity, hormonal shifts,
occupations that require standing, pregnancy or weight fluctuation.
According to the best spider vein doctor in san diego, genetics is the
biggest factor. If your mother has them, chances are high that you
will have them in future.
However, some types activities can increase those chances. The best
spider vein doctor in sd says smoking, obesity, and birth control
pills can contribute to the formation of spider veins. Obesity and
smoking cigarettes restrict blood circulation and cause vessels to
Obesity adds a lot of stress to the body and to the circulatory system.
Birth control changes your hormones, which can lead to weakening
of vein walls and getting the spider veins earlier.
|We cannot do anything to prevent them for sure, best spider vein
doctor san diego. The best thing you can do is to avoid unhealthy
habits, which we have mentioned before, and to work out. Running
and exercise will help to your circulatory system to keep healthier.
The best spider vein doctor sd told us that spider veins are actually
harmless. However, they can cause pain, aching and burning
sometimes (for example, if you stay for too long). If you are
concerned about the problem or if you have symptoms, you can call
your doctor. You can even contact best varicose vein doctor in san
diego, because treatments and procedures are very similar.
First way to resolve the problem Is sclerotherapy. During that
procedure, best varicose vein doctor in sd injects some chemicals
(sclerosant) into veins, and that damages the inner lining and
produce a clot.
After the reabsorbing the clot, the vessel is obliterated. Other
versions of that treatment are called cryo-sclerotherapy and foam
sclerotherapy. The first one uses blast of cool air to numb the skin.
Foam sclerotherapy is usually used on larger veins, and uses foam to
cling to the vein wall.
They do not require anesthesia and can be done in your best
varicose vein doctor san diego. Those are long-term procedure, and
they will take number of sessions to heal the veins completely. The
cost of one session varies from 500 dollars to 1000 dollars, so it very
pricey. However, nobody guarantees you that new spider veins will
appear on different place.
Another treatment is laser surgery. It
works with help of strong bursts of
light, which are sent into the vein.
That makes the vein fade and finally
disappear. You don’t need incisions or
needles for this therapy. This
treatment is not that effective, as last
ones. Especially, you cannot heal large
spider veins.
Finally, after successful treatment all you have to do is to have a
healthy lifestyle. It is only thing that can help your circulatory system
to work well, so you won’t have another spider vein soon. The
treatment itself is not 100 percent effective. In plenty of cases, they
didn’t disappear completely or to develop again in the same area.