The importance of using videos for employee

The importance of using videos for employee’s orientation
When you work in the human resource department of a company, then you are bound to better
appreciate the task involved in welcoming new recruits. Every time there is a new recruit, you
have to welcome them and give a presentation plus take them around to meet the other
colleagues. This can be a daunting task especially if your company is going through a phase of
mass recruitment.
However, if you make use of training video production melbourne that are produced as a
means of quickly introducing new recruits into the work environment, the job will definitely be
more interesting and less stressful.
Why use videos
It is no secret that people learn better and faster when using visual means. If you chose to use
videos to welcome new employees, the chances of the new hire remembering what they saw in
the video. Through videos, the new employees can easily bond with the company something that
will be hard to achieve by verbal presentations or pamphlets and brochures.
Also through the use of Video production company Melbourne the business can pass a
consistent message to all new recruits. Some companies may have different people in charge of
orientation for new recruits. If you use only verbal presentation, it may be difficult to give the
same message each time. However, if you use Video production services Melbourne, you can
pass the same message any time irrespective of the number of time you have to do the
presentations. When videos are used in an organization, they can be stored in a shared drive and
employees can have access to this drive right from their desk. Any employee who wishes to go
back to the video can do so right from their desk.
What to include in the video
Your company probably has a lot of history but it would be better to include only those that can
help the employee understand where the company is coming from. Also consider including what
employees have to say about working for the company. This should help the new employees get
a feel of what the organizational culture is like. It is suggested you to hire the services of best
Corporate video production Melbourne and give a boost to your business.
The video should also have information about company policy on late coming, break periods, use
of internet, health and safety and organizational structure.
How to put together the video
When you are sure about what to include in the video, you also have to think about how to put
the video together. You may consider doing a voice over a PowerPoint presentation or a full
Corporate video Melbourne of employees at their work station.
As the job market becomes tighter and the search of talented employees becomes more difficult,
using the engaging tools to welcome new employees can serve as a retention strategy for many
companies. Employees can quickly bond with the company if they understand very fast what it is
all about.