iCloud Drive and iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Drive and iCloud Photo Library
Want to know what is a simplest Apple’s piece of Internet? Well, it is iCloud Drive, providing the cloud
based storage for the iPad. The benefit of this Apple’s feature is to back up the iPad and also restoring the
device from the backup. Apart from it, the feature is far beyond backing up. The user can easily store the
photos, documents, and videos from applications like Pages and Numbers. As it provides a global storage
option, the user can access the same document from several apps.
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How to use iCloud Drive?
As the feature is already integrated with Apple’s applications, the user can easily create a document pages for
storing on a cloud. It is easy to pull the document on a Windows based computer system via iCloud.com site.
The user can also access the drive on several applications for supporting the storage. It is easy to locate the
drive by tapping on the Share button available on the application. While on some document specific
applications, the feature is integrated with the menu system.
Apart from supporting iPad and iPhone, the feature supports Mac OS and Windows and allows the user to
work on their smartphone or tablet, enabling to pull out the document on a laptop. For managing the Apple’s
feature on iPad, the user has to install the app but cannot create custom folders on the drive.
For storing photos and videos, it is feasible to use iCloud Photo Library which is an extension of the Apple’s
For more details about the feature and its usage, contact the team of experts by dialing iCloud helpline
number 1-800-764-852. You can talk to the professionals and they will guide you through the features as
well as its usage. You can also drop an email and we will get back to you with an appropriate solution. You
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