Pain management agreement things you should know

Pain management agreement: things you should know
If you have a persistent back pain, then you must have got some prescriptions on medications to
use such as opioid. It is also likely that you have been asked to sign a pain management
agreement by one of the doctors in nyc. If that is true, then you need to understand what the pain
management agreement entails before you sign it. A pain management agreement is a contract
between the patient and the doctor. It ensures that the patients taking the opioid take are as
required. The agreement is meant to protect you from drug abuse and also the doctor as well in
case the patient abuses the drug. Here are some things that you should know about the pain
management agreement.
First of all, you agree that you will take the medication as it has been prescribed by the neck
doctor. You have to take the medication at the exact time and amount that has been prescribed.
Failure to do so leads to the termination of the agreement. You have no choice but to take the
medication even when you do not feel like it. You are also not allowed to decrease your intake
during the time when you do not feel a lot of pain.
By signing the agreement, you also agree to random drug testing. The doctor wants to be sure
that you are not abusing the medication. The random tests will measure the amount of the drug in
your system. The agreement is meant to protect the doctor in case of drug abuse incidence. The
pain management agreement requires that you keep all the appointments. You are only allowed
to have one or two cancellations.
You also agree that your prescription will be from one pharmacy. People who abuse drugs get
them from multiple doctors and the fill at different pharmacies. When you sign the agreement
with your nerve pain doctor, you are only allowed to shop at one pharmacy.
You agree that any lost or destroyed medications are not to be replaced. You have to protect your
medications and make sure that you are the only one who has access to them. Make sure that you
keep your opioid medication under lock and key. If your medication gets lost you will have to
do without them until the best doctors nyc renew your prescription.
By signing the pain agreement, you also agree that you will only request the medication from
one of the top rated pain management doctors. You are not allowed to take the prescriptions
from other providers. If you get medications from other doctors, you will be violating the pain
management agreement.
Make sure that you read the contract very carefully before putting your signature on it. It will
save you a lot of trouble. In case there is something that is not clear, you need to ask question so
that you know what you are signing. If you sign the contract, make sure that you follow
everything written on the agreement.