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300-160 practice questions
1. You deploy a new Cisco UCS system and use switching mode for storage
communication.Which type of port should you configure as the interconnect to the SAN
A. FCoE storage
B. appliance
C. server
D. uplink
E. FCoE uplink
Answer: E
300-160 practice questions
2. What is used to insert services when using Layer 4 to Layer 7 service insertion in
the Cisco ACI?
A. device scripts
B. tenant administrators
C. policies
D. function profiles
Answer: D
300-160 practice questions
3. For which two items can you change the default settings by using a Fibre
Channel adapter policy*? (Choose two.)
A. WWNN pool
B. queue
D. SAN pin group
E. RSS hash
Answer: BE
300-160 practice questions
4. You are deploying a VM-FEX You have a VM that must be able to attach to a
dynamic vNIC.Which action do you take on the VIC adapter?
A. Dynamically configure the VIC adapter to connect to a vNIC.
B. Configure a single vNIC only.
C. Configure two static vNICs.
D. Add the VIC adapter to a vNIC pool.
Answer: C
300-160 practice questions
5. You are designing a data center network using Cisco Nexus 7000 Series
switches.Which feature should be configured to control the rate at which packets
are allowed to reach the Supervisor?
A. relaxed process startup
B. port channel load balancing method
C. embedded event manager
D. data plane policing
E. control plane policing
Answer: E
300-160 practice questions
6. Which two technologies can you use to automate the deployment of a data
center network? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco ACI
B. Cisco WAAS
C. vPC
D. Cisco PfR
E. Cisco DFA
Answer: AC
300-160 practice questions
7. Why would you configure FCoE to use jumbo frames?
A. to enable the network to create a no-drop CoS
B. to provide a credit-based flow control mechanism
C. to prevent a Fibre Channel frame from being split into two Ethernet frames
D. to provide prioritized processing that is based on bandwidth allocation and low
Answer: B
300-160 practice questions
8. Which two Cisco technologies can be used to insert services, such as load
balancing and firewalls, between VMs? (Choose two.)
A. vShield
C. vPath
E. service graphs
Answer: CE