What are varicose veins

What are varicose veins?
They are cluster of veins with green, blue and purple tones. There are
even some that are surrounded by very thin and red capillaries,
commonly known as spider veins. Both varicose and spider veins can
appear anywhere on the body. However, they are very common in the
legs and pelvic area.
Symptom of Vein
Very marked blue, purple and green veins
Leg cramps
Pain behind the knee
Itching around the vein
Brown tone on the skin
Why are they formed?
They originate when the healthy veins become inflamed and cause the
blood to stagnate. The normal thing is that the blood only uses the vein
to transport itself to the heart. So Vein Doctor Nyc consult is must.
However, the exact cause why it remains stagnant is unknown,
although there are factors that increase the probability:
Genetic heritage
Hormonal changes
Standing for long periods
Wear clothes that are too tight
Diagnosis of vein issues
If you present some of the above symptoms it is best to go with a vein
treatment New York. This will perform a physical examination.
Subsequently, an ultrasound is required for vein treatment nyc, which
will help to verify the state of the blood and the way in which it flows.
Ultrasound allows the analysis of both superficial and deep veins.
Fortunately, not all varicose veins require the vein treatment center
nyc. That is, as long as they are not a problem for you to develop your
daily activities. You should worry when:
 Do not allow yourself to walk or stand
 Ulcers appear
 The feet and ankles become inflamed
It should be noted that the issue of ulcers is delicate, because it is
possible that venous ulcers develop by stasis, that is, when the veins
enlarge and do not drain normally.
The problem is that when this happens the skin does not receive
oxygen and, therefore, bursts in the form of sores. So find out top new
york vein doctor
Among the different treatments, the following stand out:
 Application of intense and pulsed light. It requires between one
and six treatments.
 Laser therapy, indicated for the small blood vessels of the face
and legs.
 Ligation: It is a surgical procedure in which the veins are removed
or tied by means of an incision in the skin.
 Use of a radiofrequency device connected by a catheter to the
valve of the vein to seal it.
How to prevent them?
 Do not expose yourself to the sun for long periods.
 It is recommended to keep the legs elevated for a few minutes
before sleeping.
 If you spend a lot of time standing, it is advisable to stop every
two hours and stretch.
 Use compression stockings or socks with elastic support.
 Take a balanced diet to control weight.
 Avoid the intake of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.
 Be careful with sudden changes in temperature.
 Perform physical activity, at least 3 times a week, for 30 minutes.
 The use of nylon stockings or stockings is not recommended.
 Avoid crossing your legs while sitting.
Tips to control poor blood circulation
To promote circulation and increase blood flow we can perform selfmassage contact with New York Vein Center and also We will start
with the feet and we will go up to the
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