Back pain treatment options

Back pain treatment options
If you have back pain, then you should seek for back pain treatment options. Lower
back pain can be is a common problem between people within the age 30 and 50. The
discomfort can be ongoing or chronic. Some of the causes of the back pain include
spinal abnormalities, spinal stenosis, nerve irritation and slipped disk. Treatment
options for back pain vary depending on the cause of the condition. Read on to find
more about the back strain treatment.
One of the back pain treatment options is the rest of the back. In doing so, it will help
counter the pain. You may be required to reduce your activity level for a few days.
You should lie on your back and place a pillow under your knees. Using the pillow
between your knees will help you place your back in a neutral position. You can also
opt to lie on the floor with your knees are 90 degrees. It is not advisable that you rest for
long time. Most of the lower back pain will resolve within a few days. Avoid longer
periods of inactivity since they can weaken your muscles.
Heat or ice
Using heat or ice will give you pain relief for back pain. Heat and ice packs will reduce
the pain and increase mobility. You should put a bag of ice on a towel to help protect
your skin. The ice pack will help reduce the inflammation. You can use the ice
everyday for 20 minutes. Switch to the heat after a few days of using the cod treatment.
Use a warm bath or heating pad. Make sure that you turn off the heating pad before you
go to sleep.
Over the counter medications
You can also use over the counter medications. Some of the medications that you can
use are ibuprofen, naproxen, and acetaminophen to reduce the swelling and pain.
However, it may not alleviate al the symptoms of the back pain. If the symptoms still
persist, you should call your back and neck specialist near me to help to provide other
treatment options.
Prescription medications
You can get the best back pain relief by using prescription medications.The doctor
can prescribe the medications which you can take to reduce the back pain. Some of the
prescriptions are anticonvulsant drugs, codeine and antidepressants.
You need to do exercises it helps heal your back problem. The exercises are an effective
way to get relief from the swelling or pain. Exercises will give you pain relief for back
pain in over a given period. Some of the exercises that you can do include walking
and swimming. Such exercise will help reduce weight which is one of the causes of
lower back pain.
The above are just some of the exercises that you can do. You can also use lower back
pain relief medicine to reduce the back pain problem. You do not have sleepless nights
due to back strain when you can treat it with any of the above options.
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