How to recover the broken link in Adobe-converted

How to recover the
broken link in Adobe?
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Steps To Recover Broken
Link in Adobe?
Basically, adobe is a creative suit which we use to make
designs. Adobe is known for its tech support with rich software
applications including PDF (Portable Document format),
Photoshop, ACS and ACC which are widely used among the
people and they timely update their users with new updates to
explore many new things in a single application. Sometimes
your system doesn’t accept the new update or the format is not
supporting. Therefore it creates some technical issues but you
don’t need to worry, we are at your service, you can contact to
the Adobe customer support for every tech issues in this
Broken PDF link is easy to fix and
can be recovered in simple steps :
➢ First define the link in the original document using the
Microsoft word, and in the hyperlink, menu corrects
the target address.
➢ Go for Acrobat if you have only the PDF version of
the document or to avoid switching back and forth
between applications.
➢ Select the link tool, an icon with two links of chain. All
relevant links will be highlighted with a rectangle in
the PDF document.
➢ Click twice on the broken link that you want to fix, and
in the link properties menu that opens
Follow These Steps :
➢ Open a web link under actions then click edit.
➢ Make the changes in the link address in the edit URL
➢ Then click OK.
➢ Use the links tool to add links that did not transfer to
the original document.
➢ Draw a rectangle around the text or object you wish
to make a link.
➢ Choose the link action” go to a page view”
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➢Open a file; open a web page or custom link.
➢Click “next” for a web page. Enter a URL in the
box that opens.
Now you’re done with the broken link and you
can work without any huddle. You can contact
us anytime, anywhere all over the globe, we will
be there at your service or you can reach us at
the Adobe Technical Support Number 1844-6513-666 for more help.
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