Spider veins treatments what works and what doesn’t

Which is better Surgery or Traditional method
to treat varicose veins or
Surgery method consists in eliminating the affected veins by cutting
them between two ligatures made at their ends and removing them
by pulling. This spider vein treatment San Diego poses several
problems, because, on the one hand, it requires general anesthesia
and on the other hand, the aesthetic results are not very good. This
treatment at Vein Clinic San Diego may cause bruising and pain and
can return to various appear affecting other veins.
It consists of producing irritation of the inner walls of the vein by top
vein doctor San Diego. In this treatment vein closes on its own,
remaining sclerotic, as a scarred cord with no blood inside it and,
therefore, practically invisible.
It is also necessary to bear in mind that not all varicose veins can be
treated with these techniques.
Sclerosis can be achieved fundamentally in two ways:
• Chemical sclerosis: chemical substances that produce sclerosis
are introduced into the veins. Several types of substances can be
• Liquids: a liquid substance is introduced that irritates the wall of
the vein and causes it to sclerose.
• Foams: the same products are usually used as in the previous
case but in the form of foam, which increases the contact surface
and, therefore, the irritation of the endothelium, and it is necessary
to use less quantity.
• Cryosclerosis: the sclerosing substance is cooled to many degrees
below zero, and this increases its ability to irritate the endothelium.
Although this method should be considered as a mixed method, it is
both chemical and physical.
• Physical sclerosis: sclerosis of the vein is produced using physical
methods such as light or radio waves that, when acting on the
endothelium, literally burn it, making the veins practically disappear.
Fundamentally there are two types:
Laser or otosclerosis
The laser is a ray of light of a single colour that is captured
specifically by a colour. The cells that have that colour, absorb the
light energy, heat up, and end up being destroyed by this heating,
without this destruction affecting the surrounding tissues. In laser
treatments by varicose vein doctor in San Diego of varicose veins,
they heat up are red blood cells.
Different ways of applying the laser can be differentiated:
• Surface laser: applied from the
outside, through the skin. It is
mainly used to treat varicose veins
and spider veins and small
contraindicated in those people
with dark skin, in treatment with
anticoagulants, and in those with a
tendency to increased scarring.
• Endolaser: a thin optical fibber is inserted into the vein by the top
varicose vein doctor in San Diego that closes the affected vein. It
does not allow its use in excessively tortuous veins and some other
• Photodynamic therapy: it is a technique in which the external
laser is combined with chemical sclerosis that considerably increases
the effectiveness of the laser.
Radio waves are used that by introducing into the vein a catheter
with two poles, that produce the closure of the vein. It cannot be
used in very tortuous veins.