Daily Nutritional Products

Daily Nutritional Products
4820 Pless Rd., Rockwell, NC 28138
“Blending Science and Nature for Optimal Nutrition.”
Daily Manufacturing is committed to producing high quality nutritional products from natural
sources. We believe that natural products must have a solid scientific basis for efficacy and
safety. Every product with the “Daily” name must promote wellness and optimal health without
risk of harm.
Business Philosophy:
Daily Manufacturing is a small, family oriented business. We believe that we as a family and a
business have a responsibility to represent the natural foods industry in a positive way. Product
claims must be both legal and morally defensible. All information must be presented in a
factual manner with solid scientific basis. Daily Manufacturing also has a responsibility to the
community and to its employees. We consider it our opportunity to cooperate with employees
in their personal development and that of their family members. We also believe that we have
a responsibility to the local and world communities to never engage in practices that endanger
the health and environment of others.