Silk Scarf – a blend of royalty and simplicity

Silk Scarf – a blend of royalty and
Out of the myriads of fabrics for scarf, the silk scarf offers the ultimate touch of
royalty andenchantment. It depicts a fusion of classic and modern look. The
neck is the most prominent part of elegance and style of a woman. VIDA is
here with its extensive array of silk scarves, to add dignity and grandeur to
your slender neck. The most versatile accessory, silk scarves have been
women’s favourite from ancient times for their soft feel and appealing designs.
You will findfloral, animal, abstract and
geometric designs all in one place.
For women, silk scarves are the finest gifts
one can give. Whether for a birthday, holiday
or for an anniversary, silk scarf is the right
choice. You do not have to worry about the
size and color,as one size fits all and the
neutral colors suit all. Thescarves at VIDA are
a result of ultimate blend of fine designers
and expert artisans, any women would
definitely fall in love with. For a busy
executive, a professional or an adventurous
lady, our scarves with different kinds of
fringes, sequins, laces, beads or just plain
unlacedsuits them all for all occasions. The
shine, gloss and myriad of colors will leave
them in awe and add an elite touch to their
dressing. A memorable gift for all times, a silk scarf is always what every
woman yearns for.
Another important feature of the silk scarf is that it can be worn throughout
the year irrespective of the season. It breathes well and has moisture
absorbing capacity making it convenient and appropriate in warm weather. It
also provides warmth during cooler temperatures.
There are innumerable ways silk scarf can be used. You can either simply wrap
around neck, or tie different kinds of knot in the front. You can also tie with
your pony tail to give a retro look. Silk scarf can also be used as a headband or
to simply cover the neck to meet the dress code of different places of worship.
One can also tie the silk scarf around the wrist making a distinct style
statement. Dull handbags can look lively when silk scarf is tied around their
handle. Another way to use the silk scarf is to simply hang on both the sides of
your neck.
You can check out this link to learn to tie
scarves in 20 different ways.
Any way you use it, the brilliance and gleam of silk will be eminent, making
you attractive and glamorous.
A must have in any woman’s wardrobe; there is no limit to the number of
scarves a woman can keep. Freshen up your dress and renew your looks by
buying different varieties of Silk scarves of different colors to suit all the
occasions from VIDA. A one stop solution to all your fashion accessories, we
offer the latest, trendy and stylish items to make you look exceptional and
exclusive. Be the centre of attention in gatherings, and make your personality
more influential in office with this simple, elegant, lustrous piece of cloth.