Emergency Care Clinic

Business name:
Emergency Care Clinic
9525 Church Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11212
(646) 6930267
Mon- Fri 9AM–10PM
Sat 10AM–6PM
Payment Method:
Cash, all cc
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When you arrive at AG Urgent Care, a receptionist will greet you quickly and ask you questions. She will
tell the nurses what has happened to you and then, without waiting very long, a nurse and clinician will
take care of you.
Now that there is urgent care in Brooklyn, you can receive fast care close to home. You don’t have to
seek urgent care in NYC or travel any distance. AG Urgent Care is nearby and will save you time and
anxiety. We are here to help you and your family.
For immediate, fast, and comprehensive care, just walk in one of our urgent care clinics today! You may
also register online to expedite your wait time.
If you are experiencing significant chest pain, rectal bleeding, or are losing consciousness, your condition
may be life threatening and you should call 911.