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Basic facts you want to be familiar with about lip
Why is treatment with hyaluronic acid the best option to rejuvenate, profile, project,
mark, correct asymmetries and increase the volume of the lips?
Who would not want fleshy lips, hydrated and well marked? These types of ideal lips are
desired by many, but few are the lucky ones. The truth is that for many years Lip Fillers
Houston Tx have been true aesthetic botched about the filling and lip augmentation ,
how have current treatments changed?
We asked Lip Augmentation Houston, who assures us that "the patterns to be followed
have radically changed. Currently the naturalness of the results is the most important
when we talk about treatments of facial aesthetic medicine, which includes lip treatments.
The medical-aesthetic treatments are in an accelerated growth to such an extent that one
of every three Spaniards, in the year 2018, has made some treatment of aesthetic
medicine or plastic.
Evolution of lip augmentation treatments - Houston Juvéderm
Liquid silicone implants were used decades ago , so the results were uncertain and
indefinite in nature, fortunately all this has changed and this type of fillers have been
stopped, at least legally, among professionals of aesthetic medicine ", Explain.
Today there is a wide range of permanent and temporary facial fillers that allow the
patient's lip to be rejuvenated, profiled, hydrated, given a greater projection, mark the
cupid's arch, correct asymmetries or simply add a little more volume. These fillings in the
hands of specialists allow 100% natural results and without any risk for the patient.
What is, in your opinion, the best product? Are these treatments accessible?
We are usually using only hyaluronic acid products. This substance is already present in
the body in a natural way, and is the safest and most effective product for the treatment of
the perioral area. They use it to beautify the lips increasing its volume and enhancing its
profile. The treatment is ambulatory and painless (with previous application of topical /
injectable anesthesia) and the results are very natural.
Dr. tells us that we have more than 50 brands of hyaluronic acids. He chooses high-end
products that ensure long-term patients (up to 12-16 months) and naturalness in the
results obtained (mid-range products last 8-9 months and low-end products around 2-4
months depending on the patient, and result in a swollen or bulging lip).
The truth is that the prices vary: products of low range and high.
Other types of lip fillers would be cross-linked carboxymethyl cellulose, polyacrylamide
gel, specific implants for lip augmentation or patients own fat. "Both at the level of
complications such as allergic reactions or expenses in the procedure is discarded its use
in quality aesthetic medicine.
Why choose hyaluronic acid?
Thanks to the use of hyaluronic acid we can improve the structure of our lip, that is, mark
the cupid's arch, mark the filtrum, raise the corners, eliminate the barcode rejuvenating
the perioral area, outline the lip and give it a certain volume. Also a good Houston
Juvéderm specialist is able to correct the asymmetries of the mouth, moisturize and
diminish the gingival smile.