Healthy column

The benefits of taking care of your spine
People often do not pay much attention to the care of the spine after the passage of
time, neglect something as minimal as the use of bags, suitcases or how to collect any
element of the soil that can harm this vital organ, which incredibly controls Most of the
functioning of our body so that their care prevents various diseases. Sometime if don’t
care your spine then you have to undergo Spine Surgery New York to get rid from
further issues.
And why does it influence so much the development of a healthy body? Simple, for its
direct connection to the nervous system. For example, it provides attachment points for
the muscles of the back and for the ribs where the vertebral discs have the function of
absorbing impacts during activities such as walking, running, jumping, etc., allowing for
flexion and extension. So if you face any problem realted to spine it is must to contact
with Doctor Of Physical Therapy.
Protection of the column
They are fast, simple: the exercises to improve or correct the posture of the spine are
very useful to avoid discomfort in the back.
Thousands and thousands of years ago, our ancestors performed all their activities
above the trees. For that, they only needed to move with the strength and mobility of
their arms. But then they went down to the ground and were forced to change some
habits. One of the most important: he had to learn to stand up.
This important change in his life system meant to show the importance of the column.
However, the new position adopted for walking brought with it a series of complications
(injuries, alterations, inflammations
These are the benefits of taking care of your column:
You will notice an improvement in the painful symptomatology, in the immunity of the
organism because it will have (greater resistance to catarrhs and other infections, so
that in a certain way it prevents several diseases.) It improves the quality of the sleep
and in this way the rest.
According to Spine Specialist Nyc, a healthy spine improves sexual activity in both men
and women, influences mood and reduces stress.
But for this it is important that you keep in mind the following recommendations:
• Exercise the back regularly: walking, swimming, riding a bicycle are excellent
exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back.
• When lifting objects always bend your knees or hips, not your back.
• When driving long distances, adjust the chair first to avoid unnecessary effort when
reaching the rudder or pedals.
• Avoid gaining weight because a prominent stomach overloads the discs and causes
spinal misalignment.
• Minimize the use of the laptop and cell phone. The use of these generates
Discopathies and other pathologies that are accompanied by headaches, muscle fatigue,
spasms, stress and sometimes bad mood.
• Distribute and control the weight of your suitcases and backpacks or preferably use
wheeled luggage and change sides regularly.
• Taking advantage of rest days to stop smoking, the nicotine contained in cigarettes
alters the chemical structure of our intervertebral discs, makes them prone to rapid
dehydration. This makes them fragile and leaves them more vulnerable to breakage.
• Visit the Spine Doctor Nyc and perform a checkup on regular basis