Why you get Legs veins and how doctors treat them

Why you get Legs veins and how doctors treat them
Having varicose or spider veins can influence more than your look. These veins
can lead to severe distress. Some varicose veins may also put you at danger for a
complication such as open sores or blood clot on your legs. Modestly invasive
treatment can fade or remove leg veins. Treatment by vein doctor in san diego
can also reduce the signs such as fatigue and pain and stop complications.
Why you get noticeable leg veins?
Spider and varicose veins are usually damaged veins. People normally develop
them when one-way, small valves within the veins weaken. In healthy veins, such
valves flow blood in single direction – back to your heart. And when these valves
abate, some blood runs rearward and builds up in the vein. Additional blood
within the vein puts pressure on the vein walls. With constant pressure, the walls
of the veins abate and swell. In time, you notice a spider or varicose vein. Some
people have increased chances of developing these veins. A number of people get
these veins as they stand and sit for long times. Also, these veins become more
common during pregnancy and age. You can also develop spider veins due to an
injury, hormonal changes, or by sunlight.
How doctors treat leg veins
Some common options for treatment vary from self-care to small surgery. Best
vein doctor in san diego may employ one or more of these treatment options.
1. Compression stockings: stockings usually apply stable pressure to aid flow
the blood back to the heart. The stable pressure also decreases inflammation in
your lower legs and lessens the risk of building up a blood clot. Though, you will
still notice leg veins. If you require compression stockings, best varicose vein
doctor sd can check you so that you obtain the right amount of pressure and
correct size.
2. Self-care: Your doctor can provide you tips for improving blood circulation.
Such tips consists of 
Lift up your legs
Work out
If you sit for long hours then take a walk after every half an hour.
If you stand for long time then you should take breaks after every half an
3. Laser treatments: doctors usually take the help of lasers to treat small
varicose veins and spider veins. At the time of laser treatment, your doctor
throws the laser light directly at the vein. Tiny spider veins may vanish right after
the treatment. Varicose veins and bigger spider veins will darken, and you will
expect to see them for one to three months before they vanish. For total cleaning,
you may require three sittings of the treatment. The majority of patients can get
back to their work and many of their daily routine the next day. After every
treatment, some patients require wearing compression stockings for duration
suggested by best spider vein doctor in sd.
4. Sclerotherapy: this is said to be the most usual option to treat leg veins. Over
past few years, best vein doctor sd have improved sclerotherapy for making it
safer and provide better outcome to the patients.