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Hip pain can put a big dent in your active life, and greatly limit your mobility. While some people may
opt for surgery, minimally invasive procedures that are also outpatient are available. These treatment
can remove the pain that medications and other treatments cannot match.
Hip Joint Injection. A hip joint injection is an injection placed into the joint of the hip at the point of pain.
Sometimes it can be difficult to narrow down the exact source of pain. This may lead to a test by the
doctor who will inject some numbing medication on the suspected nerve. If it takes away the pain, then
the doctor can be certain that the assumption was correct.
When a patient is ready to have a hip joint injection for pain, the patient will first receive some sedation
medicine through an IV. This will be a light sedative to enable the patient to relax, unless the patient
wants a general sedative. A local anesthetic will also be given to numb the area.